Trying to find the Best keyword????

by derh
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I am doing a search using Google keyword tool (can't afford Market Samurai right now)

Any who,

I'm struggling... for some odd reason this concept, it's not coming to me.

I really don't know what I'm looking for?

Should I go as longtail as possible?

I don't now how to judge my competition as well.

Any suggestions??
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    If you google "keyword research" or search the forum for the same term, you'll get hundreds (if not thousands) of pages with amazing information and tips.
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    The best keyword is "here", but Adobe is already ranking for it ;-)

    Nah, joke aside - it depends on what you're doing.

    People go long tail, if there's a big competition, because it's easier to rank for long tail keywords than for single ones.

    You can use Google AdWords keyword tool for free.

    In short, you start out broad and narrow down, if you see too much competition.

    Let's say you're going to write about cats. That's a very broad keyword. To give you an idea about your competition, you can Google the word cat. It will tell you roughly how many pages there are about cats.

    So you have to be more specific, and that's where the long tail keywords come into the picture. Try "cat collars" or "bright shining blinking cat collars". You'll get fewer people searching for these terms, but you'll also have much less competition.

    When you want to know about your competition, use quotes around the search phrase.

    You can dive deeper into this by searching for the real hard sites to compete with, if you search for your keywords intitle, inanchor or inurl.

    That's just a few suggestions from me. But as long as you don't know what you're looking for, it's hard to find any results. So maybe you should start there? What are you looking for?
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      I'ma add to this thought:
      Originally Posted by Britt Malka View Post

      So you have to be more specific, and that's where the long tail keywords come into the picture. Try "cat collars" or "bright shining blinking cat collars". You'll get fewer people searching for these terms, but you'll also have much less competition.
      Another perk of targeting low-traffic and low-comp. keywords is that you can more than likely register:, and get a serious leg up on competition with that. The downside is that technique is that you only get the benefits if you dedicate the entire site to that term. Which can blow if what you're doing isn't the most profitable thing in the world. Remember, you must recoup the domain cost + time it took to set up before you're really making money on the deal. Your time isn't valueless, so keep that in mind.
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    You're going to get a lot of good advice here in the forum - just keep posting and asking around. The lasting thing I want to do is to confuse you (personally, I go for highly competitive keywords) - may I suggestion this to you?

    Go to and just type in there or via the big G "How to use Google Keyword tool" - you will get great step by step help there to start you off really well. PM me if you are stuck.
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      Long tail words are often a good way to go. It is more likely to be recognized on the google first page. If the competition bar is almost full on google keyword tool, that probly means there is too much. It would be better to have a keyword with a little less searches a month than TOO much competition.
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    What are you wanting to do exactly? You do keyword research differently depending on what you trying to do. If you are building a niche blog and you are looking for a primary keyword then you should pick one that has medium search volume. From there you'll want to take a few of the medium volume keywords and analyze the competition by entering the keyword into google and checking out the first page (Page rank, backlinks).
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    You can get a free trial of Market Samurai. Have you done that yet? Oh, and it is a long free trial. No payment info asked.
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    Did you already check on your competitors "key phrases"? and if you sell a product/ or service that is based on a location always include the location.

    For example

    NY concrete drilling

    will rank higher and gives a better qulaity traffic then just

    concrete drilling

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    Use buyers keywords. Don't make the mistake of wasting your time with keywords like "maltese terrior", even a long term that may be easy to rank for like "brown maltese terrior cross weimarana" is a bad choice.

    Depending on your website, you will want buyer keywords. Think of keywords that you would type if people are looking to buy a trainin book for their brown maltese terrior cross weimarana. They might type "CHEAP maltese terrior training book", "BUY maltese terrior training book", "maltese terrior training book REVIEW".

    These kinds of keywords will drive the traffic you want. - The people with their wallets open!
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    hey, you can google the money word matrix, there is a diagram inside of google images some where.

    its what I generally use
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    thanks for the advice guys....

    I'm trying to sell physical products from Amazon (household Items).

    Does this change anything??

    I did find Traffic Travis.. But the keyword tool only works half the time.

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