Image purchasing -- why "credits"????

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Can't we just use Monopoly money? :rolleyes:
Seriously, not life-changing information, but could anyone tell me why the image sites require "credits" to purchase their items?
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    If you exchange $10 to 100 credits and only use 75, do you think most sites will let you change the remaining 25 credits back to dollars and withdraw them to your Paypal?
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      It's almost certainly to do with transaction charges.

      With some images costing only $1 (or less) to license, the stock site needs to have a minimum spend guarantee to justify the processing costs. They could just set a minimum order level, but then they wouldn't get the use of your money upfront.

      And, from a user's standpoint, you don't always want to wait until you have a large enough order before you can get hold of a particular photo.


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    What Zabrina and Frank have said is spot on and they are the first 2 reasons that came to mind. But there is a 3rd and that is the disconnect between using money and the price of purchase. It is pure consumer behavior.

    It is the same mindset when going overseas and the exchange rate is in your favor. Everything appears cheap and you end up spending more than you thought you would. You are no longer spending your own currency so that barrier is down.
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