Who else wants to give away a MILLION dollars?

by gjabiz
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Fellow Warriors.

Here is some inspiration for you. A man started a part-time business in his basement many years ago. He struggled for 5 years trying to figure things out (anyone relate?).

Today he owns 100% of his debt free business which does 250 million a year in business and employs over 500 people. His 175,000 square foot warehouse and marketing facility has everything within its walls it needs, including a new state of the art High Definition studio where he can create his own informercials...and does.

You can google the addy, 7800 Whipple Ave, and see his PROOF. Compare that to the screen shot of a doctored paypal account when you consider what "guru" to learn from.

Anyhow, tomorrow, the University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio will be dedicating the Benjamin and Nancy Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories which come about from a one million dollar donation from Ben and Nancy Suarez.

So what?

Here's how a few savvy warriors can benefit. This dedication comes during Ben's recommitment to grow his business and to help others who truely want to escape the American Rat Race. Consider there is a guy who has been paid over 10 million dollars in the last few years, because he brought a product to Ben to market. He is paid an ongoing FINDER'S FEE.

And it is something that almost everyone of you COULD do, if your thinking is big enough. I know many are looking for ways to grow a nice high 5 or 6 figure business, but for those with the dream big enough to think of 7 figures a year, then you may want to start to examine other opportunities.

I'll be attending the dedication tomorrow at the University of Akron and questioning Ben about his next step, one he will be taking at the Suarez Business Institute, where YOU could get a world class education as fast you desire, which could allow you to finally escape the rat race too.

Do we have really BIG dreamers here?

Gordon Jay Alexander gjabiz

PS. Remote Direct Response is still one of the fastest blueprints you can follow to financial freedom.
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    that is a interesting story. i hope he could share some tips on how he did make in to riches.
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      Originally Posted by wchua24 View Post

      that is a interesting story. i hope he could share some tips on how he did make in to riches.
      Ben Suarez has already written one of the all time best selling books on starting a business and making money, it is 7 Steps to Freedom II. You can google it and pick it up for less than 10 bux.

      He created a home study course back in the 90's, was one of the first Internet Marketers, and is currently preparing another Home Study course (this one online) for people who really want to escape the rat race.

      Consider his techniques have produced THREE 100 million dollar a year companies in his hometome and scores of millionaires throughout the world, and you understand you're getting more than the "guru of the day" report.

      His book includes a complete Memoir section which goes from his encounter with Gary Halbert (a life long friend) to building his company.

      Hope you read it.

      Gordon Jay Alexander gjabiz
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    I read 7 Steps to Freedom II a few years ago...all I can say is it's fantastic! This book is bedrock foundational reading and should be on every marketer's bookshelf.
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