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Is it a good idea to market a product line that is not in the amazon's bestseller top 100 list?
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    That depends on what the product line is, and how confident you are that people will respond positively.

    RESEARCH! Ask people what they think, post on forums and blog about it. See what the response is first. Good luck!
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    Picking a product thats not on the top 100 is perfectly fine as long as there is a decent amount of search volume for that particular product. Be sure to choose products that have been reviewed by 10 or more people and have 4 stars or better. That tells you that the product was like well enough to comand a good rating (no one wants to promote a bad product) and if 10 people left comments and rated it then it must be a pretty decent product (if the ratings were good) because more people wont take the time to come back and rate an average product.

    Take the time to research the product and perspective buyers, if you do both your chances for success go way up...regardless of a top 100 product or not.

    Good luck!
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    I would say you it will be much easier to market a product that is not that popular. The reason being is you will have less competition

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