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Coupons delivered and redeemed via mobile phones are forecast to be used by some 200 million mobile subscribers globally by 2013, according to a new study by Juniper.

With everyone having access to email on their cell phones these days, this is another reason why local business owners should have lists and autoresponders. So, for example, a pizza shop owner could be sent his coupon out around 11 AM, just when the recipients on his list are getting hungry and wondering where to go for lunch. The whole press release here...

Promotional Coupons Sent Via Mobile Phones to Exceed 200m Users by 2013 Finds Juniper Research
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    Everyone doesn't have email on their phones. Not sure where you got that idea.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      Everyone doesn't have email on their phones. Not sure where you got that idea.
      No, not everyone does. But it's getting more and more popular. I never thought my wife would have email on her phone (why the heck would she need that?), but guess what, she's got it now.

      The forecast is for 2013, and that seems pretty realistic to me considering how much technology changes in a short period of time, and how fast everyone seems to be getting a new cell phone these days.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      Everyone doesn't have email on their phones. Not sure where you got that idea.
      True, which is one reason why small businesses really need consultants skilled in internet and mobile phone marketing. Because you do IM it's probably easy for you to see the value of adding it to an offline business. But what about all the people-- many of them small business owners, who either use the internet minimally or not at all? Do you think there's any way for them to guess how useful it would be? The same is true for mobile phone marketing. If you don't use a mobile phone, or use it rarely and only for calling, you probably don't have a clue how valuable it can be. It's not common in the US, but I've used it in Europe for buying tickets on the metro, and friends use it for buying time on parking meters (tho' actually they don't even have meters, mostly-- just vending machines that sell tickets which you place on your dashboard.) Believe me, my friends here are far from technically savvy, but it's easy to learn and incredibly convenient-- so it catches on fast. The faster businesses gear up for this the less likely they are to be caught off guard when it finally gets to the States. Business owners don't need to use the technology themselves-- but they sure need to know how it can be used or they're going to be stuck with a diminishing, mostly older clientele of only those who haven't been able to learn the new technology.

      By the same token, younger business owners would do well to consider their business from their grandparents' point of view. Is it even visible to them? How many potential customers are they losing by assuming that everyone in the world shares their level of techno-competency?

      Thanks, xfutur1-- a valuable post.
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        With SMS marketing you don't need to be able to get email on your phone for it to work. The majority of the time the message comes across as a text message right to the phone. So as long as you have text messaging capabilities, which almost every cell phone does, you can experience mobile marketing.

        For the phones that have internet capabilities it is an even more robust experience. Business owners can send embedded links to .mobi websites right in the text message. On these .mobi websites you can get across a lot more information. Many of our offline bussiness customers put there contact information and directions and hours for their locations. The text message can also include pictures, video and audio!

        The key here is to offer something of value or great interest. Coupons are definatly huge right now. Many users offer 10% off just for joining their list. Others are using it as a special VIP only access to specials, announcments and updates.

        Mobile Marketing in the USA is still in it's infancy, but is growing exponentially every day. Almost all of the big boys, i.e Coke and Pepsi, MGM Grand, The democratic National Committee and others have already worked Mobile Marketing into their marketing plans and are seeing huge successes.

        This post is getting a little winded so I'll wrap it up and say goodnight to all!

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    The way cell phones are advancing in technology we may not need a computer by 2013!

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    by 2013, I'll bet 90% will have email on their phones. no one thought we would have video on our phone just a few years ago. Youtube was started in 2005 and look how far that whole idea has come. I can't even imagine what phones will be like in 5 years.
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      No question phones are becoming more capable every day. But sending email ads to phones without permission would be the same as spam - even worse as some phone plans charge to open emails and text messages.

      So this would definitely have to be a form of permission marketing - like the local pizza place giving out fliers with instructions on how to register your phone number to receive valuable free coupons on the phone.

      And of course there would need to be a way to opt out of the whole process.
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