Need Your Opinion On this Project given to me by Rentacoder guy

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I was on with a simple basic marketing strategy that i have been doing which is:

1) spin 1 article
2) send spun article to 11 directores
3) social bookmark using socialmarker with the 1 spun article (from my blog)...

....and then...some guy contacted me from from Romania contacted me to do some search engine project like this (which i don't clearly understand ...but seems to sound you think it's LEGIT? That's all what your opinions on)


Hi there,

Please let me offer the full size linking campaign that you are asking for, so I am strongly suggesting to chose a complete Article submissions, not just a a part of the article directories.

We would like to offer you a very strong link building campaign formed from 500 one way relevant links of the best that exists on today's market. All links will come from pages filled with content optimized for your site and for your keywords, fact that will give your links more weight for Search Engines Eyes,

All these one-way links are themed links, fact that means you will have your desired keywords as their anchor text, This method it's used for a greater keyword optimization because Search Engines place a high effect on anchors, and influence their results after this issue.

How we will achieved all these one-way links for your campaign?

We will start by distributing two great SEO optimized articles on 250 sites, in this way all of your links will come from more than 250 different C class IP's.
The articles will be carefully written by our experienced writers, taking into account some of the best SEO writing rules, having the proper keyword density in their content. Also for a greater article optimization, a keyword will be placed in the title, too.
Another feature that we offer is that you will be able to review and confirm the articles before their submission, so we can be sure they will both be the perfect articles for your needs.

What are the advantages of these one-way links from optimized articles?

As we all know reciprocal links are not well seen anymore by the Search engines, so we have to develop more into one-way link's market, so how faster can we get the one-way links then writing an optimized article and distribute it to some of the top article directories.

1. The article that we'll write for you will form the content optimized page for your one-way links, You will have your link coming from a relevant content page, not from just a directory filled with other similar links and no content at all.

2. One other feature will be that on your linking page there will be very few other links, most of all inner links, fact that will grow substantially your quality, not like in the directories where you are one of the other hundreds links from that page, and Google won't pay any attention for you.

3. These links requires no monthly fees, no other payments after our campaign will be finished, they will stay live on these websites, and more then that they will start to multiply by themselves, when webmaster looking for content will find your article suitable for their site, it will be published along with your 2 one-way links.

Now, let's talk a little about the bonuses you will get from this kind of one-way links campaign.

1. By placing 2 links per page and writing 2 articles for your campaign, we will show you the full report for the 125 first approved pages for both of your articles. At this point your 500 one-way links are ready and our job is finished. But after just another few days, the other 125 submitted article directories(not reported by us) will post your articles, so you'll have an additional amount of another 500 one-way links for you, just as a bonus from our side.

2. The second bonus, it's also the most important one, We will add you an additional third link in each article's page, a direct link to your home-page(no anchor) for a much greater Google optimization, due to the results of our last years of online marketing we have come to this decision, and now we are very happy to share it with our clients just as a bonus.

After the first bonus your campaign is raised to 1000 one-way links, and after the additional 3rd link per page you will have a very strong campaign of almost 1500 one-way links. AND all these additional links are your bonuses, You will pay just for the agreed 500.

What is the time frame for this linking campaign?

Not like other seo campaign, we will not show you some links after a month, and another few after another month and so, we will deliver you the linking package as soon as possible,
So in less than 5 - 7 days we will send you the detailed report for the first 125 approved pages so you can check all your 500 live links.

And the final question,
What is the price for this campaign with all its features?

We have started selling it at $249, but because of the high amount of campaigns that we were hired to obtain we manage to reduce the price and we have made a very big discount down to $149.

I guess this is all for now, looking forward for your reply,

Thanks for your time.
Calcius Tech Group


Please let me know if the above project sounds right by the guy from rentacoder?

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    Sounds like he knows what he's doing. Does he have decent ratings in RAC?

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      yes he does...he is actually 8th place in i guess trustworthy...

      my only thing is...i dont even UNDERSTAND what he's talking about...

      that's my thing...i want to understand what he's doing (one way link building...dont even know what that means)'s just kind of intimidating hiring someone who is more knowledgable than you...

      how do you deal with hiring people who know better you (to the point you dont know what they are doing)...thats the situation right now...i dont know how to duplicate this or do this better because i have no clue what he's doing...
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        Well about one-way link building it simply means gaining links from other sites without requiring that you link back to them.

        I can pretty much say he knows what he is saying (I have background in SEO) and being 8th place in RAC, he should be quite a good deal. I am just quite cautious about the 5-7 day delivary as it might cause google bombing.

        Now it may be a little difficult on your part if you have no basic knowledge about what you will buy from this guy but basically you are purchasing a manual SEO service which is a little different from the social bookmarking that you do.

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          If I hire this guy,

          should i still do my Spinning Article, Submitting to 10 directories, and social bookmarking project (hiringn someone else)?

          Im a beginner at this kind of...

          Thanks for your input
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            Originally Posted by BJ Min View Post

            If I hire this guy,

            should i still do my Spinning Article, Submitting to 10 directories, and social bookmarking project (hiringn someone else)?

            Im a beginner at this kind of...

            Thanks for your input
            Yes you may continue it, it's additional traffic. What you will buy from this guy will result in organic links in Google (if he promises what he's saying). Also check where he will be linking your site to avoid duplicates from your own thing.

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