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I am using yahoo answers as a means to get some targeted traffic, some of the answers has been fluctuating at the top of google for some time, I notice during the day, there towards the bottom, and around night time they shoot back up to the top, I am tracking the traffic from yahoo answers through bit.ly, but I was wondering if I could see how much the answer is being viewed through yahoo somewhere, because I'm not at the level yet where my links are clickable, I think I can double the click throughs if they were clickable, because its a hot market, right now people are copy and pasting the link into their browser.
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    Yahoo answers are really good source for traffic. It's my personal experience. My suggestion is always answer relevant question then you will get relevant visitors.
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    I have a question about the Yahoo Answers. When you post replies for the answers, do you also post a link to your main website or only a link directly to the product you are advertising?
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      I would go target traffic through yahoo answers, however the only way you can get your link clicked on is by upgrading your level. the best thing is to probably advertise you own homepage, that way there is more of an interest from subscribers, and they are not targeted to just one thing.
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    I've heard about Yahoo answers and it generating great traffic. I'm also interested in how you backlink your answer there.
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      Originally Posted by Geek3 View Post

      I've heard about Yahoo answers and it generating great traffic. I'm also interested in how you backlink your answer there.
      good question, I basically use the search, and w/e keyword im targeting I search for it in the search box, and it shows keyword rich questions, and I post a answer relevant to that question, and leave the link in the source area, but there not clickable until your level 2, so if your doing it to get backlinks your going to need a level 2

      i find that most newer questions that are keyword rich are usually on the first page of google, and stay there for a long time, only they kind've fluctuate throughout the day.

      also the newer questions tend to hold more value in google, because I have posted keyword rich questions and got them ranked instantly (before the older questions)

      this one answer I posted generated almost 50 bucks, and it would of been more if the link was clickable, it says I have to be level 2 before people is able to click on the links.

      it is interesting to note, that the people searching for that keyword was interested enough to click on the yahoo answer, then copy and paste the link, most people are lazy and won't do that.
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        I must admit I don't really find YA that productive & know matter how good or informative my questions or answers seem to be the traffic remains poor.

        The stats don't lie & my Google analytics tell me a different story to what other members are getting with regards to traffic from Yahoo Answers !

        The Rock n Roll of Marketing Reviews
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    If you are giving a referral link relevant to the question, then you may earn good clicks. For this you need to answer at relevant categories.

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    I hate YA. As soon as a competitor spots your posts with your links, they can just report them all. I lost a level 5 account because of this and I only posted 2-3 links a day amongst 5-10 answers a day

    No thank you
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    Originally Posted by precious007 View Post

    Happens, you might get your accounts banned,
    for posting cloaked links (it's against their TOS)

    The question is, are you making any profit at all?

    Yahoo answers is a cash monster ONLY if you
    know how to use it properly. Get a few Level 2 accounts,
    they're widely for sale on many forums (just google it)

    Post insightful/quality answers related to your niche, and
    only post a link to your landing page/site in the resource
    section, never cloaked or affiliate links.

    Plain links to ny blog or landing page, nothing cloaked about them at all
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      Originally Posted by canhdong90 View Post

      I dont use Yahoo answer to get traffic. I think you should post to forum or social network
      So you are saying because you don't use a particular traffic source, no one else should either...

      Guess you will never know "what could have been" either...

      Originally Posted by peco4christ View Post

      please any one with information's about yahoo answers, anytime i make or answer any question on it, my account get suspended, why, somebody help
      Maybe because your Yahoo Answers look like spam, just like this post looks like spam... The Warrior Forum asked you your city/location, and you stuffed your URL into that field...

      Even though the same url is hooked up in your signature file, you are obviously only chasing links...

      That obviousness is why people get banned at Yahoo Answers on a daily basis...

      Don't be overtly advertising yourself like that, or people will tag you a spammer always...
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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    i always paste my url in the source area... im going to use actual domains instead of url shortener's from now on, cause this has been very profitable and quicker than anything else if you want a quick buck, i don't think its going to make me a millionaire tho lol.

    the good thing about CPA offers, is they target people that need help, and theres almost always question related to a CPA offer on answer sites.

    the network I'm using right now is peerfly, but I'm going to upgrade to cpalead or neverblue soon
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    Just spend 3 days straight answering and asking to get to level 2 at least so that your links are clickable..

    But never rely too heavily on traffic from them. Just treat it as bonus. It's not really sustainable.
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    I’m using Yahoo Answers since 2007. It’s an excellent traffic generating method. I have many points, and my own picture in my answers. Many times I see that my websites get traffic from YA, even though I didn’t answer any question recently. It’s because the answers remain online. If your answer is good, everyone who will read it will obviously click your links. This means that you keep getting traffic from old answers, besides getting traffic from new ones.

    You have to take it seriously, give good answers and be very helpful, so that you may be able to post clickable links.

    You also have to answer very quickly, so that your answer may be the first one – this way everyone who gets to that page will read your answer. Yahoo keeps indicating new questions once you answer the first one. Don’t waste time; answer quickly the next one so that you may be the first one to answer, or at least one of the first ones. Nobody will read your answer if it is the last one, after many others.

    I usually post a link to one of my articles, blogs or squidoo lenses in my answer because they complete it, giving more specific information to the person who made the question. In the end, I post the two links of my main websites, as my source. So, in each answer I post three links that keep sending me traffic, or send me traffic once in a while.

    Wish I had more time to keep answering questions, because Yahoo Answers a very good traffic generating method.
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    is there a way to see the traffic a question is getting? I'm curious because this is bringing in clicks

    i don't have my peerfly stats but ill post them when I have a solid profile coming from yahoo answers

    also, I noticed there is sites that re post yahoo answers, this one site in particular brought me 18 visitors and 9 conversions.

    my answer was posted on like an autoblog a day after it was posted, it had a directory of a bunch of answers on their site.
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