Membership site preference: one big lump or small drips??

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A question for the new internet marketers on the forum and also any experienced membership site owners - given a choice would you prefer a membership site which gave you access to all available materials in one go (one big lump) or which was emailed/available to you over a sequence of days (dripfed)?

Just doing some research for something I am working on. I would probably prefer one big lump if I was studying but my research suggests that dripfeeding makes for happier members...

Most previous online courses I have created over the years have been using Moodle which was very one big lump-centric (at least when I used it last)
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    I certainly prefer one big lump and I can browse at my own convenience.


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    I've always preferred the drip method. When you get everything all at once there is the tendency to become overwhelmed with the volume of information.

    Dripping the content over time allows you to really go over each part of the content and study it before moving on to the next bit. This promotes actually going over each section more carefully and actually retaining more of what you go over.

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    This choice depends largely on your audience...if you're audience is newbies that are easily overwhelmed with info, you're better off dripping content to them. They'll be better able to utilize what they're given, which will give them a much greater chance at success.

    If your targeting more experienced marketers, then dumping a bunch of info on them may not be as much of an issue.

    Think of what would best serve the audience you're targeting and you can't go wrong!
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