I am planning to buy Facebook Fans(not Invites)???.. Please recommend

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I am planning to increase my Facebook fans and I googled for "buy targeted facebook fans" and I see a lot of people offering this service...

it is costing anywhere from $300 to $500 to get 10,000 targeted fans. is it worth buying it?

Does anyone have any experiences with this?

Please recommend any person/company who does it well..

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    There has been some discussion on the forum about this in the past and it seems like a large group says its no use since many of them are bots and not real...if you just want to increase your numbers so it looks like you have a lot of fans, then that is about all you'll get...but don't expect them to be actual people who will respond to what you post, etc. HTH!
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    Have you tried www.fiverr.com? People offer their services for $5.00!! It's incredible. I paid $5.00 one time (and plan on going back and doing it again) and went from 2 fans to over 200 in a couple days. Definitely worth my $5.00
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    Thanks for your comments guys..

    mojojuju.... that was funny....
    wish I could really FB...
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    The big question about buying fans is will they respond to you
    when you market to them? Are you going to build a relationship
    with them-that's the real key.

    Fiverr is nice, maybe for building an initial seed number.
    The risk is minimal and shouldn't hurt.

    May you be a winner in your marketing efforts!
    Vince aka makingiants
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    Vince... thanks for your wishes.

    I would definitely like to build a relationship by continuously providing value.

    Chris Busa

    I'm considering this service
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    I think it’s not practical to get that type of service just for your Facebook. You can even do other traffic-generating procedures with that amount of money.

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    The fans that you would receive are nothing more than just a numbered digit adding to your + Fan count of your page, I believe they hold no other benefit whatsoever and you cannot interact or develop a following relationship with them which is KEY.

    I do not know this for fact but Its my view on such things e.g Buying twitter followers.
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    I am still optmistic that real fans can be located, and purchased. I have tried fiverr.com and yes, that was not to bad for $5 I am still researching the best place to purchase fans.

    I hope someone will tell us where to get real quality fans added to our site.


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    Anyone would be a little skeptical at first..honestly if I were you I would see which service looks the most legit (reviews, pricing, Q&A etc.) and purchase the most cheapest package possible just to test them out. If they deliver as promised get a higher priced package since you know the site will deliver.
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    shameless self promotion post..
    i offer facebook fans. in fact i drop the prices every bump. my fans are real and you can market to them. my experience on fiverr is you get what you pay for. i treid using a few suppliers there to try and bulid a relationship and they were useless model type fans for the most part. again, good for raising numbers i think. i would be happy to help with your needs if you want to give me a try. you can see the link in my sig. pretty decent thread i think, and i didn't really see too many people offering them untill the success of my thread

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    What do we mean - Going to buy Facebook fans? Do we buy advertising to a certain number of FB subscribers? How do we buy into that target market?
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    By the way, how do you guys put your ads underneath your posts. That's neat. Please let me know how.

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  • If nothing else, it can add a tremendous amount of "social proof." Nobody likes to be the first to "Like" or "follow" someone on Twitter or Facebook. With a couple of hundred or thousand followers, you would be making it appear to be an easier decision for "real" followers to follow suit.
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      I have tried them all, and lost really a lot of money to them.
      After looking for more then one year i found what i was looking for!
      Maybe not the cheapest but my experience is the cheaper it is the more likely you will get scammed !

      Now i only use Fan Launcher, and i even get more then i pay for, so be safe and go only to real good company's

      fanlauncher d o t c o m
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    Originally Posted by greatbizideas View Post

    it is costing anywhere from $300 to $500 to get 10,000 targeted fans. is it worth buying it?
    No, not really. Most of them are fake accounts. They provide no value. They won't read your post, share or like your messages with their friends. They are not really worth anything.
    If you are just trying to increase your number of likes for social proof, go with fiverr.

    If you want real likes, take that $300 to $500 and try advertising your page on Facebook. Besides that, providing entertaining info (especially pictures), holding contests and polls works really well too. Just be creative and provide "likeworthy" information. It might just go viral from there.

    Good luck!

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