Help! Best Way to Preserve Links from Word to PDF

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I am writing an ebook and need some good options for converting the document from Microsoft Word 2003 to PDF format, that preserves all the hyperlinks! I have downloaded and tried at least 5 different free options, and NONE of them work right.

I want to make sure that links convert that are in this format (link without anchor text - ): Google

and this format (with anchor text): Anchor Text

I found eWriterPro from a fellow warrior here that does preserve the links, but it does not preserve the borders and other special formatting that I have done in Word.

Please help me out! I know lots of you have written ebooks with affiliate links, etc in it...lead me in the right direction here! Thanks,

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    I've used Bullzip pdf printer with many programs, although not word 2003. - Free PDF Printer

    Another alternative might be to open the file in OpenOffice and save it as pdf. - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo
    Download and use Open Office instead of word. - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

    Open office will preserve the links natural state with or with out anchor text when
    you save the file as pdf.

    Have a Great Day!
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary King
    If you have Office 2007 (or Word 2007) there's a free add-on from Microsoft that does a pretty decent job of converting.

    Download details: 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF

    Otherwise, the open office path your on is a good one.

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    I use Acrobat Pro with Word 2003. I've learned the hard way that you need to use the Word Toolbar to get Links to work.

    In rare cases, select Change Conversion Settings and make sure the Add Links checkbox is ticked.

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    I downloaded openoffice, and it works like a charm! Thank you all so much for pointing me in the right direction. Its does exactly what I needed! It will import a document from Word, or you can create your ebook right in the Text document editor. The hyperlinks are preserved exactly how I wanted when converted to PDF. This is an excellent free option...thank you!!
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    I use OpenOffice as well. It's free to download at, and it works a bit similarly to MS Word. When you go to convert to PDF, it is simple to keep you links. You just go to File>Export as PDF and then, make sure that the "Tagged PDF" box is checked under the general tab in the PDF options pop up.
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    Using Word 2003 you only have (3) choices (that I know of) for a Free PDF conversion program that will preserves all hyperlinks including anchored text:

    OpenOffice as fellow warriors have already mentioned. - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

    After download / install - just open your Word doc in OpenOffice Writer. If all your formatting is OK and nothing is scrambled then just output as PDF.

    All Hyperlinks will be clickable.

    7-PDF Maker is one of very best FREE PDF creator available. Converts 84 different formats including .doc and docx. German site - English translate link below:
    Google Translate

    Uses the same code as OpenOffice for PDF conversion but is a much smaller download and installation. But has same formatting concerns as OpenOffice.

    PDF Printer
    » PDF Printer - Free PDF Converter »

    Hyperlinks will be clickable if you launch PDF Printer from MS-Office Word via the 'PDF Printer' toolbar button. Note: Special thanks to Warrior Increaser who found this one!

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      Hi Redfox,

      Have you tried using the PDFMaker macro in Word 2003? The macro preserves the cross-references and links for you and since it is calling the Adobe PDF printer it also places the print date within the document.

      Hope this helps,
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      I have tried all kinds of converters and writers and after 1 afternoon of going crazy I found this, tried the pdfprinter and it works great - a little annoying are the extra windows you have to close after conversion. but anyway - It works

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    Hi guys,

    There used to be WArrior PDF pro owned by the Allen. I don't know where the heck it's at now 'cos I've been searching this forum to get to use it again after my system was formatted and lost it. Anyone know where it's at now??? Thanks!
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    If you like your Word 2003 (like I do) you can download a program called Primo PDF which I found keeps links and formatting, graphics and the lot and it is so simple to use. Google it if you are interested
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    I scoured the internet looking for a Word to PDF converter that would preserve the active and internal hyperlinks ... all with no results!

    Leave it to the WarriorForum to have the right answer, thanks!
    I downloaded and OpenOffice and it works like a charm
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  • Profile picture of the author neilpaddock
    Hi Guys
    I had this problem and I tried PDF24, Primo PDF and Bullzip, no luck.

    They will preserve a full link starting with http:// but not a URL linked to an underlined word in your document.

    I downloaded the SaveAsPDF.exe from the link below for Word 2007 and that did the business. Thanks for the tip!

    Download 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF from Official Microsoft Download Center

    Kindest regards

    Neil Paddock
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    Nice! This problem has frustrated me many times before, glad I found this, gonna give that mentioned add-on a try
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      I just went through this as I upgraded to the latest Acrobat for the Mac and it did not preserve my links. Here's how I do it.

      1. Write your document in Word with links (Mac or Windows)
      2. Open it in Word (Windows version)
      3. Have Acrobat version 8 installed (the older ones preserve links - the newer ones don't)
      4. Save as PDF using Acrobat version 8 for Windows
      5. Then Open in the latest version (Links will be there)
      6. Set whatever security options you want in the latest version and save

      I know this is cumbersome but it works every time.
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      I hope this helps

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