Domain & Hosting 2 Different Companies

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Why do people do this? Is it to safeguard their domain from being taken by the host for some reason?
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    It can be great if you are hosting content clusters.

    Research how hosting companies will put your websites on the same class c ip address.

    When you see how ips and nameservers work, you will see why it is an option people looking to branch out will often take.

    I guess it depends on what you are doing.
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    I do this. But I do it because the domain provider doesn't have the right hosting that I need.
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      If you register and host in the same place, you're not in control of your own business in the event of any future dispute with the host. You can find your domain-name effectively held hostage. There can turn out to be all sorts of problems, delays and unforeseen expenses involved in changing your hosting if you decide that you want to, for any reason.

      It's just not safe to give someone so much control over your business when there's no need to.

      There are many horror stories on the board, both here and in other forums, of people who have unpredictably and through no fault of their own got themselves into dreadful trouble with their businesses in ways which could have been completely avoided if they'd simply registered and hosted in two different places. Once you read just a handful of them, you'll never do it again.
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