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I'm a complete newbie here and I need some guidance. I really want to make this venture a success but I really don't understand much of what I'm reading. Can someone please give me some suggestions to get on the track to success? Where do I begin? How long will it take me to start generating a positive cash flow, etc.

There just seems to be so much fluff out there and I'm really not sure who to trust and where to begin.
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    You really need to have some idea, Niche something.

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      I was thinking about helping struggling internet marketers like myself but I need to have a step by step action plan...easy enough for someone like myself to understand. Any suggestions?
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        Originally Posted by mindset21 View Post

        I was thinking about helping struggling internet marketers like myself but I need to have a step by step action plan...easy enough for someone like myself to understand. Any suggestions?
        Never help others in the same area where you can't even help yourself...

        Go for other areas first other than the make money online niche or internet marketing niche, like maybe german poodles, pitbulls,etc

        Well, it's pretty hard for anyone to give a step by step action plan (I know because I was looking for it before) since most of the stuff are gained through experiences and trials and errors 75% of the time.. as a system that works for a particular person may not work for another. But if you really want a short action plan, here it is (you can research the individual steps on this forum by yourself)

        1) Do proper keyword research and find a niche(or area) that you want to delve into
        2) Build a site around the keywords ( meaning all your content pages and articles are based around the keywords )
        3) Try to get it to the 1st page of SERPS (through SEO both on site and off site, e.g constant backlinkings)
        4) after there is a constant stream of unique visitors, monetize the site
        5) tweak and see differences in results
        6) once you are satisfied with the amount of revenue or think this is the cap your site can earn, move on to the next site and repeat again

        Then again, this is for affiliate marketing and SEO style.. maybe you are looking for other business models, I don't know
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    Best way to get started is to get started. The more you work at it the better you'll get. The worse thing you can do is nothing.

    Make a blog if you don't have anything, blogs are easy and can help your future ventures.
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    Just do it.

    Find and get a proven method and stick to it. Work on it like your life depended on it.

    You will fail - but you have to keep going if you ever want to succeed. Many fail and give up. You have to be different and persist until you see success.

    Metaphorically speaking, this entire process is exactly like water changing from different physical states.

    When ice is heated, you don't see a lot of activity. But slowly and surely, it is receiving heat and is in the process of melting. Then only when enough heat is absorbed you'll see some activity.

    After the ice melts into water, and you keep heating it, again you'll not see anything at all. But keep persisting and soon enough, water boils into vapor.

    When you start and add a lot of effort, you will not see a lot of activity (if any at all). This is where you should persist. Be "water" and keep absorbing heat until something happens.

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