What's a good click & open rate for emails?

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What's a good click & open rate for emails?

I know it depends on a few things, but roughly what is good?

I sent out an email yesterday that got 30% open so far and a 40% click through. Does this sound ok?
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    Sounds pretty good to me!
    People have been killing it with rates as low as 8%, been some time though...
    But 30/40 is good enough
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    you should be ashamed for posting that here...

    NO one gets that high!

    Just kidding - those opens and clicks are awesome - you should be very happy.
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    Actually, it depends on your niches, how you had built your lists, etc..

    But that's a pretty good rate to me, I wished I had that sometimes
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      About 20-30% is a normal open rate , but a lot depends on your list, your content type, and how frequently you send your campaigns (and how fatigued your recipients are). Your very first campaign may see a high open rate (like +70%) but things quickly level off with subsequent campaigns
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    Yes, I agree with the above statement. Althought 20-30% is considered high in most niches (espcially IM where 5-10% clicks are more realistic). However, the clicks will reduce with time as people lose interest, forget who you are, or just simply stop checking their email. I've often found that resending a similar email to "unopens" received very few extra clicks. What does this mean? These people are not reading their email (or at least mine, lol) but good chance these are piling up in an inbox or spam folder.
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      Thanks for the info guys.
      This email is about the 12th i've sent to the list - so actually sounds like that is pretty good.

      Nice. Unfortunately there isn't much in it to monitize, i'm working on a new product to send out to my list soon. This one was some great free information.

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