pls help with clickbank one time offer process

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Hello there,

I'd be so grateful if someone could assist me. I am in the midst of selling a product on clickbank which will have two otos connected to it.

I'm a little confused with the whole process.

I have had an email from clickbank today stating that if I have an oto I must provide the download information to the first item they've paid for...

I need clarification please.

Do you promote the main product, then when they click on the pay button then show them the one or two one time offers that you have and then pay either for the main product, the main product and one oto or the main product and two otos?

Or do you promote the main product, then when they click on the buy button they go through the entire sales process for that -- then when they click on click here to complete your order then present the oto and they pay for that or not and so on?

I'd appreciate clarification because I'm sure I've seen it where people don't pay the first time round but in bulk, if you know what I mean.

Thanks very much in advance and have a good day.

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