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Hi everyone,

I originally wanted to the thread titled "Anyone use rank tracker? Any alternatives?", but couldn't because my post count is less than twenty. Rather than post eighteen spam comments, I thought it best to create a quick topic. Someone commented about wanting to track competitor's ranking versus your own in Market Samurai and I just wanted to say that there is a quick and dirty method in Market Samurai I'm using to track the rank of my competition over time:
  • Create a Project called "Rank Analysis"
  • Click on the Rank Tracker menu tab
  • Click on the Add Domains button
  • Enter the domains that you want to track on separate lines, then click Add Domains
    • The above domains are displayed in the top section as Primary Domain and Other Domains
  • Click the Add Keywords button
  • Enter your keywords to monitor and click Add Keywords
    • Generally I would start with only my primary key phrase because I'm monitoring my main competition
  • Click the Search Depth drop-down button and reduce it to top 50 (or top 10, 20 as appropriate) This is only for speed and is not critical.
  • Other search engines can be selected, though I mainly stick to Google only at the start
  • You can also select Phrase Match Results which can be useful
  • Click Update Rank Data
If only one line is shown, you probably need to click the small green arrow at the end of the Ranking Page column. Now all of the domains should be shown.
  • Click the Show Domain Details button to see the latest indexed page count, backlinks and page rank for each domain
  • Click the Show Keyword Details button to see the latest ranking position, backlinks and page rank for each domain
This doesn't give a direct comparison between sites history (i.e. you cannot plot them all on the same graph), but their latest rank is displayed in green if ascending, grey if the same and red if descending (compared to the previous analysis). The trend for each site can be seen by clicking on the graph icon next to each domain.

If you want, you can select the checkbox next to the keywords/domains and export the data as a csv file. This could be imported into a spreadsheet to create your own charts and analysis.

I am finding this useful for keeping an eye on competitors who are perhaps not in the top ten, but I am aware that they are doing similar things to me Those that might otherwise fly under the radar.

Hope this helps someone. Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs.
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