The NEW TREND in email subject lines... Agree or Disagree?

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I want to list some email subject lines I have been subjected to and get your feedback...

Re: PayPal <<2nd Notice>>


Re: Username and Password

Re: ***


Re: ACCOUNT I.D. ***

Re: Lee, Did you get your download?

By the way these emails are sent without cause. They are just subject lines, not a reply to anything I initiated...

I have a passionate feeling about this and would love to start a discussion about how you feel, and does it work?

This type of dicussion is helpful to everyone... New and Experienced.

I look forward to your feedback and to giving my 2 cents about this topic...

Be bold, and say why you feel, how you feel, and is it working for you...

I will as well because I have passionate feelings about this and the way this affects the future of permission based email marketing... which is how I make my living
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    Like any overused trick, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    It doesn't take but a few of those subject lines clicked on before it becomes apparent they are simply ploys to get you to click.

    At this point they become an automatic delete unless the sender has my trust. And that trust can vashish in the wink of a subject line.

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    Personally, I don't agree with misleading subject lines, and they get the delete button pretty quick. If its from a marketer that I know I subscribed to, and they use a misleading title like that - I unsubscribe, regardless of who it is. (Obviously except if I actually did buy something).

    Frankly I don't like starting anything with "re" unless I'm replying to an email... so for a marketer to blitz their list with it, its a little annoying.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Hey leebarclay

    Well here is my 2 cents worth

    I have notice these subject lines and they really annoy me because when I think about email marketing I believe it is all about building a relationship and these types of titles really are lies to get people to open the email. Once the open the email they realize that what the title says and the context of the the email are 2 different things I found when we tested them that we had an open rate of 80-95% and a conversion rate of 2-3%.

    Seriously though what is the benefit to the subscriber and the list owner if one you burn your subscriber by getting them to open false advertised emails (which is illegal in Australia under the false and misleading advertising act).

    It obviously means that these lists have not taken the time to build a relationship with their subscribers (if they did there would be no problem with open rates) and have not put the interests of the subscribers before their own greed for money.

    Thats my 2 cents worth be interested to hear others thoughts on the topic.

    The Crazy Email Marketer

    P.S I clash with a lot of company CEO's and Marketing Managers because they don't understand the benefits of a long term loyal customer over a short term buyer. You really need to look at email marketing as a long term plan. If you have set out an email marketing strategy you would be able to compare this to what are the goals of your email marketing strategy and immediatly go NO. As they don't put the interests of your subscriber first, because you are misleading them. hence you very quickly lose any trust, integrity and reputation you had as a decent marketer with that list and quite often the marketplace.
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    It is illegal to send an email witha misguiding subject line, even if they have Double Opt into your newsletter!

    Owen Smith

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    First off thank you all for your replies...

    I would add my 2 cents however you all said it better than I ever could...

    However long term this could damage permission based email marketing so I will go a step further and ask all that get these emails to unsubscribe to send a message to those that do this that it is not acceptable... Otherwise those of us who make our living this way could suffer in the long run...

    So please unsubscribe from any marketer who uses bogus subject lines....

    Lee "The List Builder" Barclay
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary King
    People just trying to stand out amongst the zillions of emails in your inbox.

    I don't do it.

    I also don't click on links in spam and buy junk from them, but apparently someone does or spammers wouldn't keep sending it. Yes, it's cheaper than print advertising, but it DOES cost money to spam effectively.

    How is that related? Simple. It might work on your audience, but not on you.

    The legal issues are another thing and of course should be complied with.

    FWIW, it's a trick IMHO. A bad one. Offer value, solve problems and people will look forward to getting emails from you and opening them. (not implying you don't)

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