Article marketing - The basics?

by gdwebs
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Hey all,

Ive been lurking round here for a while - some great advice!

I've started article marketing, but currently just for sites that i want extra traffic to, earning off adsense etc.

I'm manually submitting each article to Ezine, and thats it.

I have been through the searches and seen people offering 5700+ submissions for $10 and so on.

How can this be possible; do they edit each article individually and resubmit it to 100 sites?

Are there even 100 article sites worth submitting to?

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    When they do mass submissions they are not worried about duplicate content, so they are simply sending out the exact same article to these directories.

    Make sure you submit to EZA first, wait until they approve it and publish it. I say wait an additional 3-4 days to make sure Google has indexed it.

    After this you can go crazy submitting a variation of that article to the rest of the directories. I would make sure all link directly to your website, not the EZine article like others suggest.

    Not all directories will accept duplicate content, but you will still get a lot that post it, and there will be a lot of scrapers who pull your articles and post them to their sites and blogs.

    We (youTribune) do not accept duplicate content, but we are more of a destination site then just an article directory. We also establish mainstream media contacts to pick up your articles, which is why we require unique, original articles. It can really help you to have links from these high PR sites.
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    Submitting to thousands of article sites usually is not worth it. It gives you a ton of backlinks fast, but little real visitor traffic.

    Rather focus on a few sites that have lots of google love and many real visitors. Think ezine articles, squidoo, ...

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    Thanks people - i'll get my ezine approve count up to 100 or so and see where to go from there, already have 20 pending on my 3rd day!

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