If you suddenly died?

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If you suddenly died, such as from accidents (20s - 40s people, which most of we Internet marketers are, don't usually die from foreseeable causes such as dire health), how are your dear websites (income streams) to be handled or transferred to your loved ones? What can be done to ensure that the future website earnings be safely and smoothly made to them after you have passed away and never had the chance to tell them?

I don't currently have a wife nor any children, but I have 2 parents that I love very much. The problem is that the total time they have spent on using a computer is ZERO throughout their lifetime, let alone the Internet. I was just wondering what I can do to make them know how to take on my websites and successfully get the money that will be sent to them month after month, you know, affiliate commissions, adsense earnings, product sales, etc.

Making them never close my banking account will be the first step - but is that possible? I'm not sure if they will let you keep the banking account of someone who's dead. Otherwise, I'd have to outline to my parents the steps needed to change the payment recipient (name, address, bank account number, etc.) somewhere they can find after my death.

This gotta be done cause' money already lying in my bank account is nothing compared to the future potential of my websites which should last at least a few years after no one's caring them until the income stream gradually die out in the end.

Your ideas?
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    That's why you have to create domains that you "set it and forget it". I've got domains from 2003 that are still little soldiers that make me money. I can't list them here, they're naughty.

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      lol ha ha must be playboy stuff (i saw a another post of yours u did wrk for play boy right )
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        Originally Posted by Asanga View Post

        lol ha ha must be playboy stuff (i saw a another post of yours u did wrk for play boy right )
        I did work for Playboy but I also have some sites of my own on the side. I'm trying to get out of the adult biz and trying to go "mainstream" now. It's so much different, yet not. LOL

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          Originally Posted by AFI View Post

          I did work for Playboy but I also have some sites of my own on the side. I'm trying to get out of the adult biz and trying to go "mainstream" now. It's so much different, yet not. LOL

          i guess mainstream it will be more hard to convince people to buy.adult stuff i guess people act by impulse and its a passion to a certain degree (people have fetishes) just like playing guitar and photography etc... is a passion to others.

          so im kinda curious why are you switching to mainstream. by the way it kinda reminded me of Jenna Jameson saying on TV that she wanna switch to mainstream
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    hey man, I have two adult affiliate sites from back in 2001. And I even tell my partner about this. She is fine with it.

    why? cause at the end of the day it pays for her damn shoe fetish and she doesnt have to get her gear off. WIN WIN, she says....LOL

    Morally I feel a bit dirty at times....but this brings in about 4% of my overall income so it is really not hurting anyone.
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      Originally Posted by AFI View Post

      I'm trying to get out of the adult biz and trying to go "mainstream" now. It's so much different, yet not. LOL
      It's all the same. Find a niche market, solve a problem. Make money from it.

      The moral issue is one that people may have trouble with, but it's a business decision - I could make good money selling crack, but it's a business model I choose not to implement.

      What's to say that you can't keep the revenue and still do other business models?

      It's not my cup of tea but I'm not passing judgment either.

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    Exactly for cases like that ("you suddenly die") people came up with various solutions:

    - a will; and keep it with a lawyer (I'd suggest to add a doc with all your income streams and passwords, too!)
    - life insurance; to replace the income your dependents are relying on
    - if successful enough, establish a business that gets paid (not you, personally) and the business also can be inherited

    Just talk to a lawyer and a financial services guy... they will tell you what to do.

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    Hoping I wont die any time soon - Write a will and get a finance guy to advise you.

    Feel free to ask me any IM related questions or add me on skype :D
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    Get a lawyer. So many people fail to do this. You need life insurance a will and I also recommened what another member said about keeping a file with passwords etc. You can also keep notes about how to run the business or at least keep them going. Some people may not know that they need to continue to pay for domain and hosting fees. They probably won't mind though if the businesses are profitable. I am trying to teach my husband about IM stuff if I passed. He still doesn't get it but I am going to continue gradually trying to get him to have a basic grasp of it.
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    A bigger question might be what would happen to you. As a Christian I believe its heaven or hell ... scary

    Sure people have their own views on this stuff and respect that.

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    How about being a little optimistic??


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    For me personally I will never leave anything to my family. I will however leave my entire business to a couple friends of mine. One of which I have already contacted letting them know most of the info in case something should happen. But leaving it to my family is not an option for the pain and suffering they have caused me over the years. Also by giving everything I own to a couple of friends of mine I know they would have no troubles being able to keep things going further. They may need a little more guidance to know how to do things the proper way but it shouldnt be hard for them at all to figure out things. It may be a little rough for them for the first year or two since they have had no interest in starting their own business. They prefer to work for someone else which is fine and all but I have told them just some of the possibilities they could have even by keeping their jobs.
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    What about if Earth got hit by a comet!

    Happy Friday everyone

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    I will not die suddenly because I was not suddenly born.

    So, this question does not fall within my jurisdiction.
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    Look into setting up a legit business structure and then have the business take out a key employee policy on yourself. The business would be able to cash in on the policy and you can leave the business and its assets to whomever you wish by creating a will. A lawyer will be able to give you much better advice on this.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    In addition to a will I also have set up a revokable living trust so that my assets (and business) can easily flow without being stuck in probate for months (or years).

    But the correct answer is always - Talk to your lawyer.
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    I have thought about this and to be honest - I don't know and I don't care. If I would be dead it would not matter. But my main, most important passwords are written down on a paper at home, so whoever decides would be able to go from there.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    Well, Seeing as I pretty close to death in october when I caught dengue fever I have now put in place a set of instructions and passwords etc to ensure that someone can carry on if it does go pete tong.

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    Oh my! I When I first read your post, I thought to myself: well, this guy won't get many replies regarding this issue. But now I see people actually consider this. I have never perceived money making websites as stuff to leave behind to friends or family. It's so gruesome to think about it...Should I actually consider...Neaah! My intuition sais I'm gonna be around for the next decades
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    I was pondering this same thought a few weeks ago. I'm relatively new to IM but do make a significant monthly income and get better each month. Domains and websites don't seem to be much of a problem, but if you've got sites monetized with affiliate links that you had to get approved, that seems like a bigger challenge for your "heirs" than the actual virtual real estate. EPN comes to mind, they are very difficult to get accepted into.
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    A Good Thought!

    Every Internet marketer must consider this issue and duly add nominees to his bank accounts and invest some part of online income in life insurance. This problem is 100% possible in any online marketer's life, because we learn lot of stuff and implement and keep the knowledge within ourselves, but if something happens like a sudden death, our wives or partners can not handle this business for sure, because they lack knowledge about this business.

    This problem can be solved if you add your wife or partner as a nominee to your every investment or bank accounts, and you must trust your wife or partner and teach them how to use Paypal, Clickbank, Adsense, Amazon and other places where you make money. At least you can make a diary of accounts and passwords and keep it in secret with you and your wife.
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    I can't list them here, they're naughty.
    At least I'm not the only one.

    btw... I have never had any luck at all selling playboy.

    I'm all about that bass.

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      Well done to Ryan and E Brian for taking this posting seriously

      It an area which does it overlooked, l often give thought to it and recently been shown a good model of how to do it. Liike to say its my idea but it came from Lee McIntyre "Inside Out / Upside Down Workshop" -
      "The Internet Automation Plan" list every action via simple 1 page pdf doc and drop box, which builds into a operating manual for the biz.

      So if you make to the dizzy heights of $1m t/over, some can pick up this book and make sesne of it all. And carry it on.

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        To me it's important to leave things in an order where heirs can choose whether to continue, can collect profits as long as they last or can shut things down.

        Some of us may be creating a business that will go on after we are gone - some may view it as the job they do during their lifetime. What I wouldnt' want to do is obligate my sons to carry on if that's not their choice. They have their own successful careers offline and neither has much interest in IM.

        To this end, I have one notebook that has every password, every site url, every paid or signup service I use. There are a few instructions - and what they do with it is their choice.

        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

        You should always be yourself...unless you can be a Unicorn. Then you should always be a Unicorn.
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    Its an interesting subject! But one we should think about. YOu could write down your website details somewhere in a diary, and let your family know about it.
    Domain names, logins, etc. and also where you could outsource any work that needs to be done, eg. changing paypal address etc. so your family could contact these people and ask them to look after it for them!

    Or maybe you have a friend who is computer savvy who could help your parents out.
    But leave them all your login details, and someone should be able to help them out.
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    Get someone to sell all the websites you have after you are not there. Someone who knows the value of your sites. The income you get from those websites should belong to your parents

    It's a well thought question, but as warriors let's all be Joyous and not talk about thisssss
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      If I die then I die, period. Websites or any of my material posessions won't matter since I wouldn't need them nor would I have control over them when my ticker stops. I'd rather worry about living than what I would do when I die. :p
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