What Can I Cross Sell To Weight Loss List?

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I am finally going to start building a list from my weight loss site.

I get about 150 UV per day and will be using an exit popup for when they try to ESCAPE! Baaahahha

Anyways. Once I build up a list what am I supposed to market to them? If the product has solved their weight loss problem then what kind of stuff do you promote?

I am new to this list building so any ideas would be great. Just get my brain thinking in the right direction.
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    You can market weight loss products or tips, but you can also market items that help live a healthier lifestyle.

    You can market affiliate products or create your own info products.

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    Once you have a list, the best way to know what they need is to...

    ASK them....

    have an "ask campaign"

    You can always drop them an email saying something like this...


    Thanks for being in my list. How have you been? I hope that things are going on well for you.

    Right now, I want to serve you better. I want to make sure your needs are met while being in my list.

    It would be good if you can share with me the biggest challenge you are experiencing in regards to (your niche).

    Your name"

    Always make it easy for the subscriber to respond by asking for "just one biggest challenge"

    My 2 cents,
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      G`day Jake,

      hey mate, you certainly won`t be solving everyone`s weight
      problem ... heck, send `em chocolates for being so good!
      ... they won`t care they signed up to lose weight ... LOL:p

      Seriously, seperate your list so you KNOW the ones that stick
      with it and those that don`t ... be a lot less sticking with it than
      not but I would say you`d earn much more concentrating on them.

      Send the chocs to those that don`t care once you know!

      Christopher J.

      P.S. There is plenty of "health choc" products
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    Oreo cookies. DoubleStuff.

    Ensures repeat customers and aids list retention rates.

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    People who buy weight loss stuff will buy more weight loss stuff.

    We cross promote weight loss prodcts to a variety of other lists and once they have ordered a weight loss products they tend to buy again and again in this market.

    That being said, they will also be generally be interested in:

    Exercise and fitness
    looking good
    living longer
    natural home remedies
    colon cleansing

    Also, dependent upon the level of weight loss required they may also be interested in products related to:

    Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc...


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    You could sell them ebooks on how to cook healthy.

    tons of these on CB. If you do CPA, you could sell collect lead for gym memberships.

    There's also dropshipping for gym equipment etc.

    Have a look through google. If you search for "fitness affiliate program" or "gym equipment affiliate/affiliate program" you should get a decent starting point.
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    motivational stuff

    memberships to paid online support groups
    Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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      25 percent of the population is on a diet at any given time. And few people keep the weight off, so dieting is a continual thing. You can promote "latest and greatest" diet programs all the time.

      Other (specific) products to consider:

      * FRS Healthy Energy Drink - CPA - CJ
      * Anthony Robbins Companies - CJ
      * Weight Watchers.com - CJ
      * Diet.com - CJ
      * Water.com - CJ
      * Medifast diet - CJ
      * diet2go - cj
      * Ideal Bite - CPA - CJ
      * Makers Diet - CJ

      * Sportsvite - SAS (Share a Sale) PPC
      * Feel Good Now SAS PPC
      * Sweet Solutions SAS PPC
      * Evercleanse SAS
      * iSupplements - SAS

      * Sonoma Diet - AMWSO
      * JoeBucks (self affiliate)

      Then there's all of the products on Amazon that are diet related including books, groceries, DVD's, pedometers, vitamins, scales etc, etc. etc.

      If you're getting traffic & signups off of a weight loss site, the possibilities are endless!

      Good luck,

      Stacy Fox
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