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I've got a site - about six months old - which promotes eco products and has suddenly dropped off the rankings. Was taking it easy and doing decent link building etc, and was getting 100 hits a day, now at 5! Admittedly most of the content is from Amazon, since I'm selling affiliate products. Have I been sandboxed for duplicated content?, and if so can I do anything about it? I've put too much into this site to let this happen! It's: at theecophile dot com.
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    hmmm... ur site seems like a pretty decent. It's probably just normal google dancing. If you are suspecting of duplicate content, then just change to original content.

    The thing is if you are penalize for duplicate content, u won't be at 5 even in the first place.
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      Have you done any heavy link building lately? If you did Google might just be shuffling you around before shooting back up to number one.

      One of my main sites is experiencing this right now as well.


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    To get a clearer view, it would be good to know how you are doing for all search terms. Dropping for just one search term may not be a big deal if overall traffic is good. I actually get more traffic now that I did when I ranked high for my pet search phrase.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    that's good to hear guys - been freaking out a bit. I mean I was getting decent organic traffic and ranking well on relevant say terms, for example 'organic advent calendar' - and now I'm nowhere to be seen! Let's hope the dance picks up with me being back on top...
    www.lewesseo.com - 5 St James St, Lewes, BN71HR
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      Yeah, I agree with the other posters - you're probably just experiencing
      the "google dance" especially if you've been building backlinks lately.

      It will probably come back soon at a higher position than before.
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    I wasn't even aware Google "danced".
    More info on this please?
    (Lemme go search). lol

    I Go Hard = "Slanguage" for putting forth a lot of effort.

    Don't be an arse and try to flip something you clearly have no knowledge of against me.

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