can someone explain cached

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I never really got this term, one of my terms is ranked number one but it has cached next to the domain name.
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    Periodically, a search engine will take pictures of websites. So, it spiders it, records the data, and it is like how your site looked the last time someone took a picture.

    This can look different than how the current page looks. You may have edited something, so the current site will be slightly different.

    When a site is taken down from the web, that snapshot will appear for a while while the current site will be gone.

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    Cached simply means saved. When a file is cached, it is saved on whatever location is doing the saving. Normally, the location is your computer.

    If you have a web page cached on your machine, it is stored in a temporary location somewhere, and when you try to go to the web site, you may actually be looking at the saved copy, not a fresh one. This is why tech support will have you clear your browser cache sometimes if you are experiencing problems with it.

    AOL was famous for caching web pages years back (I don't know if they still do it). If several AOL subscribers went to the same page, AOL would keep a cached page on their servers, so they could respond right away to their customers. This worked pretty good at reducing the bandwidth AOL was using, but caused no end of problems with sites that changed often. There was a tag that many webmasters put in their page headers "nocache" which was supposed to cause browsers to always read a fresh copy from the source web site, but browsers (and even service providers) didn't always obey the directive.

    When we were all on dialup connections, caching was more valuable and useful than it is today. Also, web sites changed less often then than they do today. Generally, if you suspect a page is cached, you can refresh the page (Press the F5 function key) or the refresh button on your browser.

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    simply the state of the site the last time the SE visited..

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    so the number one position is accurate then?
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    Yes the position is accurate (and congratulations BTW), Google has just provided a link to a cached copy that may be useful if the site is down.

    One of my clients suffered a DOS attack this evening, just when I wanted to demo the site front page changes to him. The cached copy at Google saved the day, as it was refreshed yesterday after the changes were made. So it comes in handy sometimes!

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    it was yahoo answers and it instantly shot up to number one.

    i hope it brings in traffic to my cpa offer
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