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I'm hearing a lot about auto blogging. Is anyone doing this?

For those of you who have auto blogs what do they earn you on average each month?
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    Auto blogging is ok if you just want to fill your blog with tons of pages, but Google doesn't actually like them.
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      Originally Posted by Wolster View Post

      ... but Google doesn't actually like them.


      An empty claim, or can you back this up with somwthing tangible?

      My experience tells me otherwise...

      & as for how much they earn - well, it varies depending on blog age/niche/product types/ & how hard I've worked on promoting them but anything from $10 - $100 per blog is about average. some do more, but anything less & I'm miffed!

      "I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them."

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          Originally Posted by johny123123 View Post

          Yes i think google does not like auto blogging
          Yeh, well, there's a big difference between thinking and knowing isn't there...

          Anyone seriously interested in useful information over idle speculation...


          "I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them."

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    Autoblogging is another great opportunity to earn something online. Have not done it yet though as Im still have other plans ahead but sure thing that it really works. I cant claim any income I yet to gain (maybe in the future) but it all depends in the niche you pick just like the rule of other sites in the search engines.

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      Those of you saying Google doesn't like autoblogs obviously haven't tried it yet. I'll just say that Google will love some of your autoblogs if they're done right.

      Out of 60 autoblogs I have, 12 of them get a nice chunk of Google traffic and they're making anywhere between $10 and $50 a day. As for the rest, they're also getting SE traffic that is mainly forwarded to my main blogs (handwritten) although they're rather new.

      Just a little piece of advice: don't put AdSense on your autoblogs, it just doesn't work and may have you banned from their program. Instead, try small niches and put up affiliate offers. Drive traffic to your main sites and sell there.

      Don't pay big bucks for autoblogging plugins where they're some free available, like Multipress Lite. Target long tail keywords, do some promotion (pinging, use pingler.com, social bookmarking, ect), mix up RSS feeds with Yahoo Answers and ezine articles and it'll get you somewhere.
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          I do a lot of autoblogging and find that most sites do fairly well, as long as I've done my research properly. Many of them are ranking on the first page of Google for their main keyword. I've found that the difference between an autoblog that ranks and earns money and one that doesn't is SEO. Autoblogs are meant to run automatically, with little additional work from you, and they can, but you have to put some initial effort into them with SEO.

          I find that using the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress and completely filling it out for the first dozen or so posts, as well as categorizing and tagging the first dozen or so posts and interlinking them with each other makes all the difference in the world in getting an autoblog ranked and earning money. If you don't do some SEO on at least the first handful of posts, you probably won't see the results you want. Just a little bit of SEO makes all the difference in the world with autoblogs.
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    you can make money with autoblogging. i have made some cash however the problem is you have to create LOTS of blogs. some will be hits, some not but you will need to have patience because your first 10-20 blogs may not be any good. you have to do your research on keywords and test different templates.

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