Do you keep the same graphics and title when you resell a PLR book?

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Do you keep the same graphics and title when you resell a PLR book. I have found that when I rewrite a PLR book I sometimes end up completely re-writing it, so it ends up as a virtually new book.

So when selling the ebook you could an have a ebook with complete different content but which has the same cover graphic and title as others thousands being sold, but with different content! Is this not a bit odd?

Often the best bit about an ebook is the cover graphic and the title. Do you think it is sometimes worth buying an ebook just for the graphics and title?
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    The best thing a PLR book is used for is to complete revamp it and turn it into a new product.

    This means graphics, title and even the content inside.

    So... Yes... I change the title and graphics of my PLR Books/courses.

    As for the buying the ebook for the graphics and titles, you need to remember that if you have PLR hundreds if not thousands of others will too. That means everyone will see the same thing and know you didn't create it. So, I wouldn't suggest this.
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    I won't use the graphics that come with it at all. Sometimes the new site would have no graphic whatsoever, just the sales copy.

    I even do this with MRR site if the license allows me to change the sales page and write my own copy.

    Also, many times for PLR, you would not gain rights to the graphics that come with it. The license will tell you something like "Rights to graphics > No" or something like that, so buying the PLR and only wanting the images may be against its terms so you'd want to read into it carefully.
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