[YOUR ADVICE PLEASE] How to monetize a file downloading site?

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Dear experts. I need your advise. I am very new in monetizing site. I have a site where people come and download rapidshare/megaupload files. I have around 1500+ visitors every day (site analyzing sites such as sitelogr says 4000+ .I am Not sure).Alexa rating is 150000 .Now what will be the best way to monetize this if there is any way? I can make the visitors visit sites and click links before they download file. I can also use popup or popunders.
Your advice will be highly appreciated. Many Thanks. :p
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    The answer to that question is completely dependent on your visitor's demographics. Take a long hard look at the content being submitted and look at your analytics to see what keywords are being used to find your content. If something stands out, you could perhaps place affiliate ads for products and services that would appeal to those demographics or keywords. Adsense pretty much does this automatically. Start with Adsense and experiment.
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  • Try gateways from CPALead or Adscendmedia. As soon as the people get to your download page, such a gateway will pop over, asking them to fill out a survey which will make you money depending on what offers you selected for the gateway to show. This can piss people off, I have to agree on that, but I find it way more effective than just putting some Adsense or generic banner ads on the site hoping that they'll click.
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    Thanks a lot for our comments. Unfortunately adsense is not an option because its against their TOS to use add in filesharing site. I don’t have any content in the site. Its just few boxes where users copy and past their download link and they can download files from rapidshare and megaupload without having premium accounts of rapidshare or megaupload.
    CPA lead an option but its very irritating and long. I can make every user fill up name and email address. But I can’t fin any offer like that in CPA lead. Is there any company that will pay for click no matter where the clicks come from?
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    Just to clarify things ... you're seriously trying to find alternative ways to get money from people who are fundamentally and/or religiously opposed to spending money for anything online.

    And from what you're saying, you're "adding value" to the web by providing a way to get around the methods that Rapidshare and megaupload are using to monetize THEIR sites.

    Good luck with that!

    BTW, are you aware that Limewire was just (finally!) shut down?

    What do these "file sharing" sites offer that sites like Box.com and Dropbox.com don't provide? Other than an anonymous way to illegally post copies of software that aren't supposed to be distributed? Oh, let's not forget that the downloads themselves can be injected with viruses and/or trojans.

    My advice: set up a site that does something USEFUL and doesn't become just another parasitic element designed to take away income from people who spend their time and energy rendering their ideas in a form that others can use, in hopes of earning a better living than they'd get working at Taco Bell for the next 20 years.
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        Originally Posted by titookello View Post

        My business partner wants us to invest in a FILE SHARING SITE. Any ideas, interms of profitability and cost?
        Most of them seem to be set up and run in former communist and socialist Eastern European countries that have weak copyright laws and don't have any issues with illegally distributing intellectual property owned by others.

        There's one I found that charges $40 for a "cracked" copy of virtually any software you can think of -- including software that's not even copy protected.

        Now, you have to wonder ... if these folks are so good at cracking protection codes, what's going to keep them from injecting keylogger trojans and other nasty things into the code? Running apps downloaded from file sharing sites like these is like having unprotected sex with drug addicts. Is it really worth the risk?

        But from a business standpoint, these kinds of sites have been constant targets of lawsuits and Federal prosecutors in many countries.

        Napster was the first one to be shut down. More recently, there's Pirate Bay, where I believe the owners are doing jail time now. And Limewire that was just shut down. And several others that have been shut down, and even more that are under heavy scrutiny by the Feds.

        Yeah, sounds like a lot of fun, and maybe even profitable -- right up to the point where your bank accounts are frozen, your servers are locked down, your domain names seized, and you're thrown in jail.

        There are safer and healthier ways to make a living.
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    SageSound- Well thanks for your intellectual advice. When you are defending megaupload or rapidshare then you should also know if there is any restriction from them to upload or download any file or not. There is no restriction and any one can download or upload any files inlucding the one you mentioned such as copies of software that is not supposed to be online. and rapidshare own a law suite in usa...and for your information there are some method called "BLACKHAT" and last time I checked blackhat is not banned in warrior forum! Thanks..
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      Originally Posted by mrclintonn View Post

      ..and for your information there are some method called "BlueFart" and last time I checked BlueFart is not banned in warrior forum! Thanks..
      But you'll get very little respect promoting Black Hat here and if you are launching a site that is a filesharing site for other people's products, we'd like to know about it. If that's what you are doing, there's nothing that will prevent you from stealing our products and "sharing" them on your filesharing site.
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    Expanding on the CPALead option and to maximise the leads to clicks ratio I would let people download the files zipped with WinRar but with a lock. They then have to complete the survey to get the key to unlock the zip.

    The amount of conversions will be higher as they have already waited for the download to complete and they have the file they want on their hard disk. So rather than going back to Google and starting over trying to find the file elsewhere, most will just sigh and fill in the survey, IMO
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