How To Use The New Free Keyword Labs Tool...A Case Study

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Here's a case study for infoproduct creation using the new Keyword Questions Tool:

Start here:

Wordtracker Labs Keyword Question Tool

Here's how I have been using it:

Step 1: Determine your main topic as a single word (acne, puppy, horses, auctions, seizure, drawing).

Step 2: Do an LSI search for related terms. (In Google, use the tilde ~ + the word...i.e. ~acne, ~puppy, ~horses, ~auctions, etc.)

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for your new LSI terms.

Here is what we now have for "puppy"

1. puppy
2. puppies
3. puppy dog
4. puppy dogs
5. pup
6. pups

Note: "dog" was obviously an LSI term...but I am specifically targeting young dogs...puppies, so I am declaring "dog" to be far to broad.

Step 4: Go to the Keyword Questions tool

Step 5: Do a search for each keyword and make a note of the "themes" that show up.

All of these questions are thematically related to the word: "size" or "growth"

how big will my puppy get
when is a puppy full grown
how much will my puppy weigh
how big will the puppy grow
how big is my puppy going to be
how to estimate how big a puppy will get

All of these questions are thematically related to the word: "training"

how to train a puppy
how to potty train a puppy
how to crate train a puppy
how to housebreak a puppy
how to house train a puppy

And on and on...

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 for all LSI terms. Make a note of how different the themes are for each keyword.

For instance, when we searched for "puppy" we see a majority of themes around "new owners" ("size", "growth", and "training").

BUT...when we do a search for "puppies", we see a majority of themes around "adult dog" owners and "breeders"...also people who have just experienced the task of caring for lots of puppies!

REMEMBER: Keywords are language...Language is for real people!

Questions tell you so much about the person at the other end of the keyboard...

Step 7: Group modifiers with question words for each theme for each keyword.

"Size"/"Growth" Theme

big - how
full grown - when
weigh - how much
grow - how
estimate - how to

Step 8: Go to the Google Keywords Tool and type 1 modifier + its question word + the topic word.

i.e. big + how + puppy = how big puppy

So, I typed -- how big puppy -- into the Keyword Tool box. Leave the synonyms checkbox selected.

Google returns the top 100 questions that focus JUST on the words "how", "big", and "puppy".

I can look at the Avg. Search volume to gauge a general idea of how much public interest there is for each question.

Once you have done this a few times, you will be amazed at how simple it all becomes and how easy it is to target specific themes within keywords to find the perfect infoproduct idea. (This could also be used for affiliate marketing or PPC advertising since it is Market Research)

Let's Recap...

1. We found a single word topic: Puppy

2. We found out what types (themes) of information people want: "How Big?"

3. We found out all the ways people say what they want: Step 7

4. We know which questions are most popular...

Our info product idea:

How To Pick The Right Size Puppy For Your Condo/Apartment/Small Home

Here's to your profits,
Jack Duncan
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    Jack, this is really cool!

    Now to use it...

    Ok, sure. You can follow me on Twitter - ;)

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    Thanks Jack... All your posts just go out on the paper from my printer... For future refrence...

    You are one of my fav posters all time..

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    Great idea. Thanks.

    When faced with a charging bull, the choice is not whether you grab the bull by the horns but whether or not you kiss it on the lips.

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    Okay, I googled like I'm supposed to when I don't understand something, but I didn't get any satisfactory results. Can someone explain to me what LSI is, please? I know what it stands for now, but still don't understand what it is or does.
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      Originally Posted by traces2757 View Post

      Can someone explain to me what LSI is, please? I know what it stands for now, but still don't understand what it is or does.
      I'll try, even though my understanding of it is probably very limited:

      Suppose you search for the keyword "cow". A regular keyword search will show that a webpage either contains the word "cow" or it doesn't. However, if LSI is used then, having examinded a very large number of documents that contain the word "cow", that might also contain the word "milk" and "farm" and other terms that might be associated with the general topic of cows, a search engine will "know" that, even if a webpage doesn't contain the word "cow", it might still be relevant if it contains those other related keywords, and will display it in response to a search for the word "cow".

      Apparently, even though its a strictly mathematical process, its very good at mimicking how a human might classify a webpage.

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    nice one great idea
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    This is an amazing tool! Wow! Thanks for sharing.
    Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    Nice post,your post always unique pls keep it up.

    Never give up untill you make impossibility possible.

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    Crap... I just noticed how old this thread is. Damn that search button.
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    Not a prob, Thomas. Jack's post is a beauty, and it's worth responding to; thanks for bringing it to my attention again.
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    thanks for that man, what a powerful tool i have to say

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    Ready to help you make it happen, just ask!

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