$197 a month recurring with Clickbank??

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Anyone seen Trey Smith's landing page robot offer? It's $197 through clickbank, but before linking to clickbank he makes you click a box agreeing to the fact that it's a monthly charge. But when you get to the clickbank order form it's listed as a $197 one-time charge.

I assume Clickbank doesn't allow recurring billing for a price that high, but does anyone have any idea how he is processing the monthly fee through clickbank if it's set-up as a one-time payment?

I'm interested in doing something similar through clickbank, and I actually have an inquiry in to them right now to see what the max monthly recurring price I can get "approved" for is, so when I ran across Trey's offer I was just really curious. Anyone know how he's doing it?
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    Yes, CB does allow recurring billing for prices that high. I have a product that is $199 recurring through CB.

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    Hmm. Weird. On the landing page robot offer he has a check box on his offer page making you agree it's $197 a month but when you get to clickbank it's a one-time payment of $197, which made me think he was somehow billing them every month without clickbank's "approval". Why else would he have that checkbox but then when you get to clickbank it says its a one-time payment?
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    I have no idea why he would say that it is recurring and then transfer the buyer to a payment page that is not recurring. Only he would know the answer to that question. My guess is that it is a mistake either in the ad copy of the payment setup.

    It can be done, though, as I am doing it.

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      I noticed that, and it made me uncomfortable enough to not get the product. $197? Perhaps. $197 per month? No way.

      At the very least it diminishes my confidence in his expertise.

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    I have a strong feeling that a mistake was made in the ad copy. Ultimately it is the payment terms you see on the Clickbank payment page that overrule everything else on the sales page and copy.

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    Sorry guys, that was a mistake made by programmers. They were supposed to put that monthly charge notice on the upsell page ($97 a month).
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