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I have a site on which I giveaway free ebooks, but to access them you need to register. I am finding that most of my traffic doesn't register, and I lose them.
Is there anything I can do on my home page to entice people to register, or should I just do away with the membership thing altogether and just stick with affiliate commissions?
I was counting on the registrations to build my list (so far it is 221 members) but it seems to be taking aaages to build it.

Any suggestions welcome please, thanks

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    There is alot of things which can affect opt-in / subscription rates, It would be easier for Warriors to identify possible problems with your offer or design etc if we could in fact have a link or see it.

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    you have to make the landing page focused on a SINGLE thing. If you are giving away free ebooks you have to say that and only that (assuming you are giving away free ebooks that interest the visitors).

    A optin page is very simple with a offer and a field for email + a submit button. Look at your page and see if it resembles this description.

    When you are asking for a favor you don't talk about 20 things at the same time, unrelated to the one you are asking for. Focus on that one: X free ebook (with a benefit) put your email here and click "Yes, i want the free ebooks"


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    If the site you are referring to is the one in your signature, here are my thoughts.

    When I go to the site, I don't see an opt in above the fold. I do see a lot of offers and ads, but not any real reason to look for an opt in box. Referring to the ebooks as "free ebooks" also devalues them. If you change a few things around you'd likely see a big boost in opt ins.

    I would suggest creating an opt in form that lives above the fold with something like "Free Membership for a Limited Time." Then use as much space near the top of that page to give them reasons to join. Explain the value of what is inside - a collection of freebies you have picked up does not sound enticing. Free access to a virtual library of valuable resources sounds better.

    The majority of your optins are likely to be looking for something specific. An index of the book titles on your home page might also work if it is not too long. Make each link clickable (or at least a category link that is clickable and then a list of ebooks under it). When they click, ask for the opt in along with an incentive of some kind.
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    wow, you guys are incredible. Video, Limited Free Memberships, this stuff is great!!! Thank you so much for your help, no chance of getting any housework done now

    You are inspirational, thank you!
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    Thanks for the friendly advice everyone! I have made some changes to my home page, if anyone would like to review it for me I would be most grateful
    Wondering if it would qualify as a 'squeeze' page?

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    Hi Angela,

    "Many of the items on my website come with resell or give away rights, so you can share them as well"

    This statment gives less insentive for a refer a friend type situation. Content is King, pictures paint a 1,000 words and videos do even more. You have my intereset because you offering value with freebies, I understand the format, but what exactly am I signing up for? pictures could address this. An introductory video helps as people buy into people. Make it more friendly and improve the site interaction.

    Food for thought, I hope it helps?

    With Best Regards Tace Thompson.

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