How To Get Quality Affiliates For My Site?

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We have a tea business and have recently started an affiliate program about 2 months ago. We have hundreds of affiliates, but very few bring buying customers. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get quality affiliates from? We are listed with dozens of affiliate program sites, but I am not sure where to go to get good affiliates.

Affiliate Program : Silver Leaf Tea Company, Exotic and gourmet teas from around the world!

Is there something special that needs to be offered to a super affiliate or given to assist them in referring more customers?

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    Hi Ryan

    here are a few tips for you:

    1- no matter what you do, only about 3% of your affiliates on average bring in any business. That average varies depending on the industry and many other factors. But the numbers are realy low. So adjust your expecatations to be realistic and don't be disappointed with the majority who take no action.

    2- you need as good an affiliate "campaign" as your normal marketing. And yes it is a campaign not just a sign up.

    You must keep in touch with them regularly. Offer various specials / contests / incetives / etc.

    3- you must offer affiliate training - a blend of general affiliate techniques and those that are particularly sutiable for your niche.

    4- you must treat your affiliate recruitment as a "numbers game". The more you recruit the bigger that 3% active group will be.

    5- offer a bonus or extra percentage to those who make it past a certain number of sales.

    6- constantly publicise case studies of hte successful affiliates. the 97% are always distracted by other seemingly easier opportunities. If you display to them that yours is easy too, you have a chance of getting a few more of them working for you. This desire plus the training that gives the tools and knowledge to do their job will work to your benefit over time.

    7- Superaffiliates are more motivated by money than others but they can also be much more picky and rightly so. Once you have a bit more of a track record, you could then try and find them with tools like seoelite and show them that you have agreat opportunity and give them your stats/conversions etc.

    8- Use something like seoelite to find other sites in your industry who could become your affiliates. Don't just think of your affiliates as individuals. Websites that rank high for your kerowrds, if not selling your type of prorudtcs, could be great affiliates for you.

    Approach them and offer them your opportunity. But have a well prepared case to present. That means a professional presentation plus evidence and stats.

    I hope this helps.
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