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Hello All,

I am new here and will be updating my profile soon. In the meantime, does anyone know of reliable training on how to set up and manage an article directory site for profit?

I've seen a few on Article Sites for sale on Flippa but am skeptical of their legitimacy. I know there is a cool WP program made for this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
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    Thanks for the input Alexandru, I greatly appreciate your insight.
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    I would like to know the same, though for web directories as well. It's an avenue I'm exploring. People have been selling High PR web and article directories on Flippa.
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    Before spending the money on a site, first figure out how you're going to make money on it. Then, take a look at the CMS being used and how easy or difficult it is to manage because that will be a very large determining factor in how much time you spend.

    I recently closed my article directory site. It wasn't generating sufficient revenue for the amount of time it took to review and approve articles. If you auto approve submissions, you end up with a lot of crap. If you don't care about that, set it on autopilot and you don't have to spend the time, but then it's difficult to charge for different levels of service and you're depending on affiliate sales.
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      What I have learnd most running the article directory is to concentrate on quality and not on quantity. At first it may seem that what more articles you have in your article directory than more money you make and your article directory would be more credible if there is lot of articles in it but that is not so.

      Of course the best option is to have lot of quality articles but you can not get to that overnight. To accumulate lot of quality articles it takes time, it can take many years.

      Quality articles are very important as that determine if the articles are getting syndicated or not. If your article directory is full of junk then anybody who is looking for content to their site would not bother to go trough all of that before they find something that is worth putting on their site or a blog.

      And people who submit articles and who know how to benefit most from article marketing, that is what they are looking for, they want their articles to get syndicated to hundreds of other sites, it is not your article directory backlink they are after.

      So it all takes time and that is way lot of people fail, because they don't have enough patience or they fill the article directory with junk and then they wonder why it did not work.
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