How to monetize a list?

by Wade72
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Hi all -

I keep reading about the value of building "a list." I'd really appreciate comments on why it's so valuable and how to monetize it.

I've got a list of about 600 emails of people that have expressed interest in my niche / product and I've setup an 8-email auto-responder that kicks-in over about two weeks pushing for conversions. Obviously, it's not hugely successful. I don't do a lot (any) other follow-up at this point.

I'm new to the IM world, so would appreciate thoughts on how this could be improved. More emails in the auto-responder chain? Original content (sounds like a huge time commitment)? I don't have any other products to sell, but guess I could put in affiliate links...

Just curious on why you think "a list" is so valuable and how you make it so.

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    Well certainly the first step would be finding a product to endorse.

    Then you have to get your autoresponder set up so it converts... I know you are talking about a huge time commitment, but remember when you set up your autoresponder you only have to do it once... You then may want to tweak it to test what converts etc.

    A good rule of thumb is to send out 3-5 e-mails between every group of that you are selling something in.

    Remember your subject line is important, as well as the call to action within your e-mails. Those are the big keys, you need to get them to open the e-mail and the need to click on the links you want them to click on...

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      Before you think about making money online you should think about building your list of subscribers. Building a list is not only so that you can make money out of it but it's also important to get to know your list and speak to your subscribers. This is vital to keep your subscribers and turn them into fans. The key is to build a relationship with them, not only sell them stuff.

      People who trust and like you will always listen to what you have to say and will be more likely to buy products from you.

      To make sure your subscribers stay on your list, you have to think about delivering value to them: i.e: if your niche is Internet Marketing, send them tips once or twice a week for them to learn, write a report about something and upload it on your website so that they can download it for free etc. As I said, it's all about value and building a relationship with them.

      I hope this helps! Good Luck
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      • Affiliate links for sure, but take care that your emails aren't just blatant promotions. For content, you can easily outsource that or find a wealth of stuff in PLR to send them. Also, email them more often than just once every 2 weeks. If you don't email often enough, your email will turn cold. At some point they won't remember anymore how they even got on your list or who you are anyway and they'll simply unsubscribe or hit the spam button (why are people so lazy? -.- )

        And as said above, make sure to create catchy headlines to get your emails opened, but don't cross the line of sounding too hypey. Use clicktracking so you know what works and what doesn't (every big autoresponder service out there offers that feature).

        Also, put a bit of effort into your writing. Let your personality shine through. Write little stories. People like to read that and obviously this tactic doesn't only work in salesletters. But don't make your emails too long, 300 words should be the maximum. Sprinkle your links throughout the email, one after your very short into paragraph for the impatient people and then one or 2 times more in the content below.

        Hope that gives you some direction!

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          The simple steps I follow are:
          1. Really get to know your subscriber.
          2. Write a subscriber avatar (pen picture) which details everything about your subscriber (sex, age, income, interests, problems, hobbies etc...).
          3. Focus on writing emails that your subscriber will find of value. Don't make the mistake of asking your subscribers to buy stuff all of the time - just focus on giving them good stuff, and occasionally mix in a recommendation to buy something.
          Think relationship building, rather than email marketing. I found a great course on this by Andre Chaperon called Auto Responder Madness. It's not cheap ($197), but it is really good.

          Good Luck
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    You should be working on gaining the trust of your list, rather than what to sell to them. Forget about affiliate products for now and focus on providing your list members with content that they can use. If you gain the trust of your list, then they will be much more willing to buy something that you suggest, create, or endorse later.
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    Something I've just learned is that when you have a list you can pre-sell them on a product you are going to recommend in the future.

    So eventually, when you either launch or finally mention the product - your prospects are ready to buy regardless of the sales letter.

    Of course that takes relationship building but the general gist is dead sound.

    On a side note - you can also hit your subscribers with different emotions or benefits each day (or message). So if yo'ure in the fitness niche you can talk about weight loss one day, building strength or muscle the next ... hit different benefits and make it more likely that you resonate with each subscriber.
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    The best thing to do is maybe sprinkle in promotional emails. Send a promotional email out with a product link or affiliate link. The next two emails maybe teach them something useful (for free). This will bump up your reputation and help them see the value of being on your list. Then throw in another promotional email and keep that up. You don't want to seem spammy. Also, if you're sending out an email with a link for a product, give them more than one place to click it. Maybe write a little, include a link, write a little more, include a link. Finish up the email, include yet another link. Repetition is key.
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    A list is so valuable as it it your most qualified traffic source. It is one of just a few assets that an Internet Marketer can have.

    The big assets that an Internet Marketer can have is their list, their blog and their product. Sure, social media accounts with active followers/friends/fans/connections have value too, but the list is your biggest asset.

    Further down the line when you get a list in the 100's, you can let other marketers leverage your list as a source of traffic in exchange for you leveraging other marketer's lists as a traffic source for you. The typical arrangement here is called an AdSwap where I'll mail out your advert to my list if you mail out my advert to your list.

    Start building your list as soon as you can. If you're not signed up to an autoresponder service yet, I recommend Aweber.
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    There are different models you could be using.

    Basically, though, you might be pulling leads from low-quality sources and you might not be gaining any trust.

    Also, your pre-selling messages with your e-mails might not be working well.

    "Why a list?"

    Because when you start making money with it, you'll never want to do anything else again. Type up an email or copy and paste one, click Send, check your stats 8 hours later and there's more money sitting in your account than you used to make in a week at your old job.
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    I came to list building later rather than sooner but it's something I have a definite, particular attitude about.

    I just started making short info videos exclusively for people on my list. I show a little known tip or technique as well as speaking to people while 'looking them in the eye'.

    This way I can pass along things which are of value and at the same time, people can get to know me & recognize me better.

    I don't see the list as just a list. Its not just a bunch of people I want to sell stuff too. The way I see it, my list is a community of people interested in similar things and sharing similar goals. Sure, if I come across something that I feel is good enough to share that requires a purchase, at least the people who get the mail will (hopefully) realise that the primary goal is to inform and help. I think that everybody, especially in the IM niche, will expect that the occasional affiliate link will be included in mails but by building a good relationship with people, it will not be seen as hard selling.

    I believe that if you adopt this altruistic attitude to lists and list building, then the money side will happen as a by-product.
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  • I always get better results promoting my own products to my list rather than promoting affiliate stuff.
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    Thanks for all the great tips- you've given me lots to think about.

    Do you use auto-responders to pre-generate most of your messages to your list, so that everyone goes through the same sequence of emails? If so, about how far out do you go with it?

    Or do you just pick a topic and begin cranking-out (or buying) content and send emails to the list when you get the time?

    I like to autoresponder concept, so that if I take a week off, my list doesn't necessarily suffer, but don't want to be lazy about it, either.

    thanks again everyone.
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      I myself do not just look at list building as just that and neither do I think about the topic as a method where I just try to sell a whole load of stuff to people.

      A list should be built with a following of people whom are generally interested in your niche, your ideas, your solutions to problems and ultimately, both you and your subscriber should almost be sharing similair tasks to achieve. Im of the belief that if you put in the effort to educate and maintain your subscribers, building a positive learning enviroment and relationship, the money aspect will filter through eventually. Especially in the IM niche, when it comes to promoting products via email it gets harder and harder, everyones heard it before, seen it before. The only way to get sales is by having a loyal subscriber base.

      Any list you build is a highly valuable resource and a very qualified source of flowing traffic at your disposal. But without proper tweaking and softening up, your subscribers will not be willing to visit links you send them.
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