Does Paydotcom Allow Product Priced In Other Currency Other Than US$?

by warriorgo 2 replies

Was trying to create a new product using paydotcom.

While I was at the part where I need to put how much to sell it for, it sets the parameters at US dollars. Is it something fixed? Cos I want customers to buy it at another currency.

Or does anyone know of an alternative system (affiliate marketing integrated with paypal) that allows you to sell your products at a different currency?

Appreciate any answers!
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    check CJ "commision Junctions" not sure though but you might be able to find what you are looking for .....
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    It is kind of late, etc... so I'll just say what I know. I think they must, because they DO have different fields for it. The code that determines the input currency is currency_code. As I recall though, their standard value, which you should probably use if accepting various currencies through them, is the US Dollar. You COULD do the conversion on the front, pass it through to paypal, and check for THAT(That is what I did when I did that), but that is more work. ALSO, if you did that, you would have to have SOME basis to convert to! If you did that, it wouldn't matter if paypal accepted other currencies.

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