How trustworthy is Google Keyword Tool?

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I'm looking at a long tail keyword that "exact match" says gets 5400 exact local searches per month. For some reason I am sceptical of this figure. Exactly what is it based on, is it an average over the course of a year? So for example it could have got 100,000 searches in January and zero every month since?

The weird thing is that the CPC is about $1.50, and that page says "10,000" monthly searches, but only 1 estimated click per day?

I'm sort of guessing that the keyword tool doesn't give accurate results in certain cases? For example "fathers day gifts" lists 10,000 local monthly searches, yet if you look at the graph it's almost zero except for a huge spike in June and then back to zero again. I highly doubt 10k people are searching about Father's Day gifts in October...

I'm not sure what to make of this. It's really not helping my analyzing paralysis/OCD. :confused:
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    anyone? :confused:
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      The free trial of market samurai might better help you understand it. It has a section on the search called "trends" that shows you the searches per month over the last year.

      Im guessing google is showing you the total searches over the last twelve months without showing you when those searches happened.

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    I hear a lot of good things about Market Samurai like Santi pointed out. With Adwords keyword research tool I just use it to get an idea thats all.

    I have been ranked on the first page for keywords with 5,000 - 10,000 supposed monthly searches and only receive a few clicks here and there. So I am not sure how accurate it is either.

    I always look for keyword phrases with a lot of paid ads. If you see about 3-5 pages of paid ads for a keyword phrase you know that phrase is gonna be lucrative. Advertisers would not be paying for it if they were not getting a good return on investment.
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    Google keyword tool is not the best when it comes to accuracy. Although, I still use that just to give me an idea. Aside from Market Samurai as mentioned by SantiSantana you can also try WordTracker. They give quite accurate and reasonable results as compared to the other keyword research tools available in the market.
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    You can expand the columns to show "Local Search Trends" and this will show you the months. From this you will be able to determine if it a smooth line or seasonal.

    I would be careful to read too much in numbers that Google gives you. Use it for "order of magnitude".

    I personally use MS but it is still just order of magnitude as their info is also largely based on the Google Search and Traffic Estimator data
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    Go Exact search if you are targeting for that particular keywords in your SEO. It should be about there. Of course the broad keywords will also deliver some traffic to you
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