Tired of freelance writers... suggest me a good article writing company with fast turn around time..

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Dear Warrior,

I am tired of freelance writers who are inconsistent and not turning around in the promised time.

suggest me a good article writing company with fast turn around time..

My budget is 1-2 cents per word.

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    Try Unique content - Textbroker.com

    I've used them with good results. Very quick turnaround time and you can choose the quality of article/article writer. I typically use the 4 star writers which is 2 cents per word.
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    check the terms of textbroker before ordering,

    2. The customer does not have the right to call himself/herself the author of the text/article. The customer can only place his name on the article with the express written consent of the original author.

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    Why don't you hire a full time writer? Lower costs and you can ensure good quality during your hiring process
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    I dont use an article writing company. But if you are looking for a pretty decent freelance site then go for Odesk or Elance.

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    I've used need an article to get my articles done in the past, I've also had some success using fiverr.com although the quality varies, but personally safest bet is probably elance.

    If you are using elance make sure you ask for a number of samples of their work and actually get them to write a short paragraph for you on your topic before hand.....I've found out that that tends to weed out the bidders that bid on everything and then scrape content off other sites.


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    I've used fellow warrior Tina Golden before and she does a great job. She's running a special in the Warrior Forum Sponsor section here:


    Gone Fishing
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    If you pay peanuts for your articles, you'll get them witten by monkeys. And you'll wind up rewriting them anyways.

    I have had mixed results with Elance and Odesk.

    PM me and I'll shoot you over the guys I use; they are looking for new clients and have a deal going on to try them out.
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  • Deepak,

    I have a feeling I know where you are coming from. I also seem to be able to guess where you have been trying to source your writers from. I concur with Chris Kent and natorob here and I must admit that you get what you pay for.

    If you have been doing something and you see that it's not working for you, it's time to do something else, right? Many fellow warriors here mentioned elance and guru.com and these sites do have great writers. Another place for you to look for is the "warriors for hire section".

    Keep looking for talent; they are certainly there. Yes, they are expensive but they are worth it. Aren't they?
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    Hi there, Deepak!

    I know your sentiments and I highly recommend Regal Web. They are the most qualified company around. They employ smart individuals straight from the field of mass communication and journalism to do the job for you. Quality work in a quality time.

    Here's their link:
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