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Hello All,

I am starting this thread to document the steps I take to try and get a new blog profitable. I am doing this for a few reasons:

1. By publicly documented it, I am more likely to complete the necessary tasks. I have WAY too many projects that are half-done. This thread is a way to hold myself accountable.

2. I know that personally, I love reading threads about marketers coming up with ideas, acting on them, and then reflecting on the results. Reading an ebook is one way of learning. But following someone's plan can also be very educational.

3. To get feedback from Warriors. Although I am good at some parts of IM, I know I'm not in others. By documenting my progress, it allows Warriors to give me different ideas and tips to become profitable quicker and easier. I may be making some major mistakes, and a "second" pair of eyes will help me seem them sooner.

My Objective: To earn on average $25 a day with a free Blogger blog within 90 days

Yes, I know that I could use a website or a Wordpress script. For this experiement, I will be using Blogger. I want to keep the financial expenses at zero (and yes, I know that time has value. Just talking about out of pocket money).

So let's begin:

I first want to express that I have no knowledge or experience in the niche I am about to tackle. I found it by accident while doing some keyword research last week. Before then, I didn't even know it existed. I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I had no clue what the niche even meant.

In digging a little further with my keyword research, I discovered three keyword phrases that really intrigued me:

Keyword phrase #1: 1441 daily Google searches - 7 competing webpages
Keyword phrase #2: 1542 daily Google searches - 125 competing webpages
Keyword phrase #3: 1526 daily Google searches - 925 competing webpages

*NOTE: I came up with the competing webpages by placing the keyword phase inside of quotation marks in the Google search box

Those search counts are daily numbers from Google searches, not monthly. So I am looking at a total daily count of 4509. That's awesome.

And ranking high should not be a problem because of the low competiton. Look at KW phrase #1. There are only 7 pages to compete with it. My goal is to have ALL of the first page of Google for that keyword phrase.

These three keyword phrases are very closely connected within its niche, making targeting even easier.

So I am pretty confident that I can generate a fair amount of traffic. But how to make it profitable?

This is niche is unique (its health related). There isn't anything on Clickbank that addresses it. I found one affiliate program on Commission Junction that pays between $5-10 per lead. I have applied for the affiliate program a few days ago, but haven't been approved yet (I just emailed them regarding how long it generally takes to get applications approved).

Other than that, I will be using Google Adsense to generate the $25 per day needed to reach my goal. I know that it doesn't pay out the best, but because of the uniqueness of the niche, I can't seem to find many affiliate programs to promote.

So I took the main word of my keyword phrases, and placed it in the tool.

It shows just 2 advertisers, but the Cost/Click value shows: $0.62 - $1.99.

So I am going to estimate that I should make on average $0.50 per click. And if I use a conservative 10% CTR from my Adsense ads, then I will need 500 unique visitors a day to my blog to hit my daily income objective.

Here's the math: (500 visitors X 10% CTR = 50 click X $0.50 = $25 per day goal)

I know that I am not including the affiliate leads, but there's no guarantee I'll get apprved. When I do, I'll factor them into the equation.

Are my numbers ok? Too high, too low?

I have already signed up for the free blog at Blogger and set up the template. When I get approved for the affiliate program, I am going to use a button they provide which has an EPC of about $50 (to the my knowledge, this means that it generates about $50 in profits for every 100 impressions). I am going to place it on the top right corner.

I have two skyscrapers going down the right side, with a small banner adsense ad at the end of the post.

I have already written up one post, consisting on one way to use the keyword phrase I'm targeting.

I also installed Statcounter code to keep track of the traffic.

Here's my next step:

1. I want to get at least one article written and submitted to today. Hopefully it gets published before the weekend, and I can get some early stats from the blog. I am going to write the article around KW phrase #1 (1441 daily demand/7 competition). If I can't rank on the first page of Google with it, then I might as well hang up my keyboard.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Best wishes,

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    great post .... will look forward to your progress , keep us posted
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      Wouldn't your personal Warrior Forum blog be a better place to post a "journal"?

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        From experience, if there's only two advertisers and Spyfu tells you $0.62 - $1.99 I reckon your cost per click will only be about $0.05 - $0.20. You really need to have 20+ advertisers for it to be worth including adsense. I could be wrong though - it'll all be revealed in the testing! Good luck with your journal.
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          Originally Posted by martinp View Post

          From experience, if there's only two advertisers and Spyfu tells you $0.62 - $1.99 I reckon your cost per click will only be about $0.05 - $0.20. You really need to have 20+ advertisers for it to be worth including adsense. I could be wrong though - it'll all be revealed in the testing! Good luck with your journal.

          Appreciate the feedback. I guess we will have to wait and see what I'm getting per click. Without giving too much away, I will say that the niche I'm targeting is in the medical field (and those clicks tend to pay out quite well).

          I'll let it run for a week and see what my average profit per click actually is. Until I get traffic, I'm working mostly on estimations. If I find that I'm only making $0.05 to $0.20 per click, I'll adjust my traffic requirements (but not the objective).

          So...we'll have to wait and see.

          Best wishes,

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        Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post

        Wouldn't your personal Warrior Forum blog be a better place to post a "journal"?

        Hey John,

        Honestly, I have no idea what a personal Warrior Forum blog is?

        Maybe "journal" was the wrong word. I just want to share the thought process and results I'm getting from a new blog. If I knew how to change the topic title, I change "journal" to something else.

        Best wishes,

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          Originally Posted by JoeMack View Post

          Honestly, I have no idea what a personal Warrior Forum blog is?

          Check out the navigation bar at the top of the page. Click "Blogs" and then look in the left had sidebar under "Options" - you can set up your own personal blog within the Warrior Forum.

          Your project would be much better suited to a WF blog than repeatedly bumping this thread with updates.

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    Ok, I think I may have my first obstacle.

    Going through guidelines, I see that my keyword is on the list of topics that they will not accept.

    Well actually, the guidelines state that the "promotion of" this particular keyword is prohibited. But I'm not promoting it. I'm just acting like a reporter and writing facts about it. So my articles should be fine. But again, we'll have to wait and see.

    I just wrote and submitted my first article to EZA. It is based around Keyword Phrase #1. I hope to get it approved before the weekend. And when (if) it does, it should bring in a steady stream of traffic for quite some time (there's only 7 competing webpages - how far can I fall?).

    Best wishes,

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      I just submitted the blog post to I have never really gotten much success with getting traffic from Digg, but I just want the page to be indexed by Google as soon as possible. Maybe having a backlink from Digg will help.

      I also plan to join a forum where these keyword phrases will be relevant. Actually, I plan to join the top five forums.

      But for tonight, i'm just going to join the top one. I am going to become a member, and link back to my blog from my forum signature. I will then ask questions and respond to a few threads. I won't spam, of course. I will either add my own perspective on the topic at hand, or I will ask honest questions.

      Like I said, I don't have any prior experience with this niche, but I do have a monitary motivation to learn about it as best as I can.

      This may bring some traffic back to my blog. But the main thing I am getting is another backlink for my blog on a high ranking, relevant website.

      Nothing going on yet. I will post any results that I see.

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