Newbie Must Read ! - 5 Rules To Online Success

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Hey Fellow Warriors

I haven't posted nor been on WF in quite a long time.. The last time I was on here (maybe 6 months ago), I was literally broke to the point of eviction, pulling my hair out with frustration & just a ball of sheer unhappiness.

I wanted to return to the WF after turning years of frustration into money online..... I wanted to share with anyone not making money online, my experience on this epic journey.

6 months later, I have a business which creates income absolutely passively (I still pay for outsourcing), I make more money per day from the web than I used to in a week at my job and I have found time to dedicate to my family and my passion... music and travel.

I want to share with you some rules which have allowed me to become (cue the cliche) "Financially Free"

** RULE 1 **

Stick To One Thing

My habit was clear, I would come on here, browse around for afew hours per day, reply to posts and really get involved in the community... Never however would I actually do anything with respect to marketing or creating a business online.

The day I started on the road to a 'severe' amount of money compared to what I was used to was the day I stopped wasting time 'gaining knowledge', preparing my Arsenal for battle and waiting for the lights to turn green.

I started using Facebook because I heard there was money to be made on social networks and I just started marketing on there and creating landing pages to drive people to...

*Find out more info in my sig*

Here's the key:

When I wasn't making any money, I didn't stop to find something new... I kept on.

Now, a lot of people will say "you need to know when to stop", "You need to know when to realise things aren't working", and I went a good 4 months earning NOTHING... But I noticed something was happening....

** RULE 2 **

Expose And Build Upon Patterns

So I noticed that on facebook and on my landing pages I was getting a certain amount of leads and prospects from certain marketing compared to other places I market to.

Let me be more specific

If I was in the 'guitar playing' niche and I was marketing to all sorts of different guitar players, I may notice that, for example, I was getting more leads from people wanting to know how to play electric guitar, or wanting to know about chords as opposed to lead guitar.

The point is, if you can spot a trend in your market, you MUST follow the pattern and pursue where people's interests, and eventually, the money lies.

** RULE 3 **

Internet Marketing Is a numbers Game

I don't know if you heard me....

Internet Marketing Is a numbers Game.

Don't read past this in a hurry.... meditate upon it

Internet Marketing Is a numbers Game.

For those of you at the back... This is important.

Internet Marketing Is a numbers Game

Once you make a dollar online there is proof that you are doing something right. Now here's what happened first time I had a go at IM....

I would start something for as cheaply as possible i.e. make the sites myself, make the graphics myself etc etc and once it made afew dollars, BUT, money didnt come in straight after, I gave up, came back to WF and tried something else...

Here's where the numbers game comes into it.

Imagine that your investment into making the foundation was 12 hours (making sites, uploading, FTP, photoshop).

And you spend 10 hours marketing (articles, seo, linking etc etc)

Forget the 12 hours, that is your investment into your belief in the project.... We have to sow some seeds.. right ?

Now work out how much you made for that 10 hours, usually it wont be that much... Find out how many people saw your offer, how many people opted in, and how many people bought your offer (Use google analytics for this monitoring).

The game is now to 'split test' different ways of advertising and marketing.

Chenge your graphics, change your headlines, change your text.... change everything, one at a time, and monitor what works....

If a headline change brings you a 0.3% increase in optins, Great! use that headline, make another 6 like it and fight them all of against each other.... If you can turn a measly 5% optin into a 38% optin, you will turn your system from a $10,000 machine into an $80,000 machine.

Don't overlook this... These little numbers matter a great deal !

** RULE 4 **

Don't Be Afraid To Spend Some Money

Okay, this is a biggey...

When we start off online, like we mentioned in the previous rule, we try and do everything ourselves.

I'm an idiot musician and yet I sat down and learned html, flash, wordpress, photoshop and lots of stuff I would probably never really need to use hands on had I focused on building my business rather than working in it

It took me a while to get comfortable with paying money for services online. I didn't have a massive amount, really, but I began to realise that I need to make an investment into myself and my money making vehicle.

I started hiring some staff (which is probably the scariest part of my business life) for only $2 per hour to work for me on menial tasks.

Once I took the leap and realised that it took someone else 5 minutes to do what used to take me 4 hours, my focus became less about what I can do, and more about how I can manage a team to do these things better, quicker!

When you start running a successful business, you realise that your time is the most valuable assett you own, and your time is best spent BUILDING your business, not copying and pasting meta tag data into your </body> tags....

Seriously, let other people do the dirty work.... They're probably better at it than you are !

I personally use for my team of employees, they are amazing people and are an amazing privellage and asset to my company.

** RULE 5 **


Ok, so we all want the sit on a beach while your 'passive' company makes you money thing right ?

It's possible... I've just come back from touring around Switzerland with my band for a week and I came home to nearly $3,600 in my clickbank account... Awesome right ?

The thing is, that clickbank picture wont tell you the hundreds, if not thousands of hours I've spent actually setting this system up.

It won't show you the MANY times this system has broken down and cost me money before it began sailing on it's own.

You won't be told how many times I've failed trying to create online companies and now seem to be able to do it at will, I don't say this to gloat, genuinely, I say it because this reward of persistence has allowed me to create a life of abundance.

Warriors... ANYTHING is possible, You can have this online dream... The traffic is there, the products are there, the people and the infrastructure are there for you to succeed online but you have to Stick with it.

IM will throw you some curveballs, your eyes will be bleeding at 5am trying to get it right, but in the long term... ALL is worth it... Enjoy the journey !

  • Stick To One Thing
  • Expose And Build Upon Patterns
  • Internet Marketing Is a numbers Game
  • Don't Be Afraid To Spend Some Money

I genuinely wish you all the best on your journey, it was the best I've ever been on.

*Find out more about my IM journey by clicking the link in my sig*

Many Thanks

Glen K
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    Good list, and all require one central ingredient...

    Action, Action, Action, Action, and Action...
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Thank you Melodican! tpw adds a valid and imporant point. Everything in Melodican's post requies action. One quick modification I would make is about spending money. In most cases, especially if you don't have a lot to begin with, you don't want to be spending money on traffic, and you really don't need to. Worse yet, is spending money on yet another program as the next shiny object comes into view. You do need a decent program with real step-by-step procedures of all of the things you need to do.

    You also should know up front , just like with Melodican, it takes time and personal effort. It shouldn't take months and months, but it is not unusual for it to take about six weeks and a hundred hours of effort before you start seeing significant profits.

    If you want to be rich overnight without any effort, buy a lottery ticket and be very very lucky. (Or make deal with the devil, or something else as drastic). Other methods require a decent amount of effort on your part, but once you've been through it yourself, you will be able to replicate the system using outsourcing, and that's when you can really start making money.

    My Current WSO: Financial Independence 2012 - The Truth About Kindle Publishing

    HostGator web hosting is only $0.01 for the first month: Use coupon code HMTSpecial

    Other WSO: Protect Your Product - Prevent THIEVES from stealing your product.

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    Thanks, your #4 rules really helpful. I think i should hire someone to do the jobs which i am not used to, too.
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    Thanks for your post, especially tip #4. I have just discovered services that can do menial tasks that would take me hours.
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  • Profile picture of the author carolbacken
    Hi Melodian,

    I am so grateful to bump in this post of yours. As an online marketer, though not such a very newbie but sill I can use and apply such rules too.

    "When I wasn't making any money, I didn't stop to find something new... I kept on." ----- I'am so inspired with this quotation as I also find myself sticking up unto this principle.

    In my own view, there's no harm trying all these 5 rules for online success. And I think, there are still a lot more guidelines out there that can lead to success.
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    Great post. So glad you made it Glen. This will give others a lift im sure.
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    This should be on the Mind Warriors but great lists though. You crossed all information to the readers gracefully. Thumbs up for you.
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    • Profile picture of the author TK1
      Agree 100%.

      Another thing I would add personally:

      If possible look for people mentoring you on your way.

      There are millions of ebooks for newbies out there.

      If I would start with anything I would suffer big time information overload.

      You can skip all this by having somebody passing you right his complete success formula and helping you PERSONALLY.

      When I was younger I was visiting all events for business people for my marketing-consulting niche and was looking to find a nice person that takes me under his wings.

      I found someone.

      Turned out this was the most important stepstone to my success really.

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  • Profile picture of the author Melodican
    Thanks for your responses guys.

    I look forward to seeing some awesome success' on here soon... Remember, keep working at it and don't ever be beaten by temporary defeat.... This is a marathon not a sprint.

    @TK1, I agree buddy... A mentor is of critical importance, I've had loads in my time, but again, flitted from person to person and process to process trying to find the silver bullet..

    I'm actually launching my own coaching program in the next couple of week so it'll be amazing to take what's in this post, expand it 100 times and help LOADS of other peeps become successful... :-)

    Life is good Warriors
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    This is jaw dropping... and humbling... thank you for sharing... Offline, me ok. Online... well... this is inspiring.
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  • Profile picture of the author ytt
    Thank you for the guidance. I suppose one must really try to do some things on our own first, then realise how difficult it is, then explore other ways, only then we learn. I am new here, still in the process of creating my first blog, a long way to go but hopefully, ultimately I can reach the top.
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    • Profile picture of the author Fahmod
      Thanks for sharing, an excellent read and very motivating for all 'Warriors' out there!
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      • Profile picture of the author FloridaKash
        Thank you for the 5 rules. I am quickly learning action is absolutely required. I find myself on here reading in between tasks of building back links and submitting articles. At times I have to kick my own self in the rear and remind myself that I must take action. I am learning that sitting and reading all day will not make you money. I believe trial and failure will.

        I will continue to stick with what I am doing. My first site is up and running, traffic is building...slowly. I do not expect to make any type of decent money from it for about 3 months.... assuming that's how long it will take to establish traffic.

        I have created my first ebook and was very confident would make good money. Unfortunately things aren;t working out as I had hoped. I thought I was smart, I outsourced my minisite, banner and ebook cover since I do not have the know how to do any of it and am under a tight timeframe. Anyhow, my outsource is terrible at communicating and is apparently going to miss my deadline, I;m not sure where they are with the graphics. After finally pressing today, the deadline date, to see some results I was provided a header that was obviously slapped together in about 5 minutes.

        Kind of stinks to stay up late several nights in a row pounding on the keyboard for a book that you wish you had developed a month or two ago. You put in all the sweat, late nights, etc. to get it done on time and it looks like you missed the boat. (It's a very small niche that to be successful needs to be online and approved by ClickBank no later than Thursday. I have no idea how long ClickBank take to approve products.)

        I'll stick with it though. Maybe just pack up this project and save it for next year and try to keep it under wraps.

        Good news is, I'll keep chugging along on my current site and will build my other site (probably try to do it in house) and begin seeing if I can get traffic to it.

        Great post!

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    you have written a very effective and nice post.. everyone can update ownself from the read of your post. so very thanks for this wonderfull sharing..
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  • Profile picture of the author MoneyMeek
    THANK YOU! I am at the beginning of my journey, and this was really great insight.
    Information Mogul Startup Accelerator - Coaching, Training & Support and for Information Industry Startups
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  • Profile picture of the author RasiFranks
    This is definitely a nice list to abide by as far as some key ingredients for success in the business terms. But for instance there are a lot of personality traits in which people need to work on to be able to be successful that I think are worth mentioning.

    For instance

    Self Determination

    These are some things that I think all of us as Warriors need to work on in an everyday standpoint. I see so many posts asking how people can stay motivated or continue being successful and making money. And its not just good enough to follow guidelines as the ones above but to actually incorporate those in to another aspect of your own well being that being the above traits.

    How can you work on a business or a career without first working on yourself as a person. We have to know how we want to live where we want to be and how we want to get there before we can actually get there.
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  • Profile picture of the author kenny5
    I think rule number 1 is the most important. If I had listened to this rule when I first started three years ago I would have made quite a bit more money.
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  • Profile picture of the author vstar00
    good list. I still have a bad tendency to jump around a few different things. Need to stop that...
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  • Profile picture of the author Housestacks
    Great post - Thank you

    I have made my share of mistakes

    I started as an infant on its back (just learning the basics)

    Then started sitting up (first website)

    Then crawled around (traffic)

    I am at the point where I am standing but keep falling down (I did get a few sales)

    Soon I will be walking

    Finally the part where we all want to be RUNNING $$$
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  • Fantastic post Glen,

    Cheers for the tips especially Rule 1. For so long I was stuck floating from one method to another. Now I am focusing on a proven method all the way through and I am finally starting to see some results.

    This is a great list for anyone to have written down in their workspace.


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  • Profile picture of the author LancelotStudios
    Wow-- What a GREAT testimony... very encouraging, thank you!!

    So my question would be how do you find something for Rule#1?

    Any any tips on finding mentors to work with?? I absolutely agree!!

    Again, GREAT post!! Thanks )
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  • Profile picture of the author victorezeakum
    Thank you very much. I have gotten a lot from this post
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  • Profile picture of the author bestitrix
    Great advice. It really motivates me to improve my IM techniques after seeing really succeed and not giving up. By the way thanks for sharing your experience.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randy Daugherty
    Amazing list...much thanks for sharing to us...godbless:0
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  • Profile picture of the author lb1234
    That was an amazing post, and being a newbie myself I can say these are the reasons why I enjoy coming to the Warrior Forum. Those nuggets will continue to be branded in my mind and to be encouraged to never give up on my dreams in IM.
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  • Profile picture of the author robs132
    it posts like these that really make me love this place. Part motivational, part instructional, very valuable, very helpful.
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    • Profile picture of the author rrm
      I like this quote:

      "...preparing my Arsenal for battle and waiting for the lights to turn green."

      How often we do this. Been guilty of this myself. Amassing all the armaments we can stuff in our hard drives, if megabytes represented success, we'd be zillionaires.

      It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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      • Profile picture of the author Melodican
        Originally Posted by rrm View Post

        I like this quote:

        "...preparing my Arsenal for battle and waiting for the lights to turn green."

        How often we do this. Been guilty of this myself. Amassing all the armaments we can stuff in our hard drives, if megabytes represented success, we'd be zillionaires.
        I didn't even realize... That's going STRAIGHT in a song

        Cheers For Bringing My Own Thoughts To My Attention !
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  • Profile picture of the author vbcannon
    Thank you! As a semi-newbie it still applies!!

    Happy to Learn. Happier to Help!

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