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I'm experimenting with blogging Hot Trends using WordPress and would appreciate some advice.

As WP users will know WP will automatically notify site update services such as pingomatic but those who blog Hot Trends will know it is instant traffic that is needed and I'm assuming that it can take these update services sometime to call and by that time Hot Trend is no longer Hot!!.

So here's my query. To obtain instant, albeit short term traffic, what's the best way to go: use services like pingomatic or make announcements on sites like Digg? If the latter what sites would Warriors recommend?

Many thanks for any input.
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    Pinging is for the most part instant. 99 percent of the ping services do zero moderation.

    If your focusing on hot trends you need to do everything you can with technorati and make sure you are pinging them directly.

    (I've found that technorati gives me the fastest traffic for current events - other sources provide more, but that's the fastest place when they are operating right)
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      Thanks for the reply STAMA

      Sometime back I placed a blog on its own domain: This particular blog wasn't going anywhere so I deleted it and replaced it with a standard website.

      About seven days ago I then added a new blog to the domain at

      I deleted the claim to my old blog at and tried to claim but Technorati keeps defaulting to my domains Home Page and directing people there instead of to the blog.

      Any ideas as to how I get to claim without it defaulting??

      Again many thanks for help offered.

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        Yep - Give up

        Get a new domain on a new IP or Technorati will just keep screwing up. Google technorati problems and you'll see the multitudes having similar problems.
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