Malware program for Mac?

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Can anyone recommend a program like malwarebytes for the Mac?

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    Hi Stefanie,

    This news was posted today and seems to be worth a look: Mac Owners Get Access To Free Sophos Anti-Virus Software |

    Don't forget to set-up a "user" account and access your Mac thru that. New Macs only ship with an "admin" account enabled -- and it's not a good idea to use that account for day-to-day Mac use.
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      Many thanks John. I'm not a Mac user but a friend has been infected with something nasty that is mailing her contact list viagara type links. She closed out the email account but all of us on her contact list want to make sure she gets rid of it properly!
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    Okay Stefanie, no problem. Perhaps you could get your friend to click the Apple menu in the top-left of the screen, then the "System Preferences" menu item, followed by the "Accounts" icon in the resulting dialog box. If the screen looks like this...

    ...with only one account showing at "Admin" level, then your friend NEEDS to add a second admin-level account (using the "+" button), giving it a username and password. Then he/she NEEDS to change the first admin-level account to standard-level user account (doesn't have to have a password) for everyday use. Like this...

    In the second screen-grab, you can see two operational accounts: "Demo Geek" which is Admin level, and "MyKid" which is Standard.

    Then your friend should set up the Standard account as the one that the Mac automatically logs into when booting up.

    The Mac will now behave exactly as it did before, but with one crucial difference: Nothing will be able to change the system files without your friend giving permission with the username and password of the admin-level account. Nothing will be able to install itself without an admin-level password.
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