Easy Cash Websites Idea - Opinions?

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Hey Warriors,

If you had access to a membership site that offered 10 niche blogs per month offering PLR rights to sell, flip, or just keep for yourself to expand your VREE (Virtual Real Estate Empire), what would you like to see in such a membership to make it worth your while?

I've been designing niche and custom blogs for clients for over 4 years now. For the experienced, setting up a blog can be relatively easy in terms of technical know-how but can still take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours+ just to install, seo optimize, add the appropriate plugins, add content, tweak colours and/or design headers, banners, etc.

Some of you might outsource the entire blog build, especially if setting up databases, adding adsense, cloaked links to affiliate products (Clickbank etc.), is either technically challenging or you realise your time could be better spent on more lucrative aspects of your business/life.

Some of you may not have enough confidence in setting up each blog the right way, the fastest way, the most monetized way, and so on.

Therefore, I'd like to ask:

1) what would make you happy to have access to plr niche blogs each month?
2) What would be your concerns (if any).
3) What types of resources would you like to see in the member's area?

I'm nearly finished but am confident that the money one could make off ONE site would more than justify the monthly membership subscription!

I'd appreciate any feedback and thanks for your time/thoughts.

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    I love PLR products but they have to be top quality.

    The main concern I USED to have was duplication but then when I realised most people don't do anything to make the PLR stand out from the crowd then I really got into them.

    My advice to you is to put a lot of effort into helping people understand what they can do to make the PLR different and how best to get traffic to them.

    Best of luck

    Kind regards

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    Thanks for the reply and good points John!

    Anyone else care to share their thoughts? Positive or negative, just looking for honest feedback/opinions.


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    I'm not a big fan of duplicate content. You can read page after page on this forum as to whether to effects your rankings or not, however that is besides the point for me. I dont feel as though uploading content that is mirrored in 500 different places is any sort of contribution to the internet.
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    I guess in the members area I would like to given direction, tools and resources on how to profit with my niche blog and make back my membership fee and more. I always prefer membership sites that have a very hands on approach by the owner.
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    Thanks mauii and Tracey for the feedback!

    Just a quick mention on my take with PLR, specifically with the membership site I'm building. PLR alone can save you tons of time and time = money. If setup correctly, PLR can be an "instant" product and you can dive right in to adding content (if you want) not setting up the site, researching the niches/topics, spending the time just to get to the point you are now ready to add additional content. For some people, this could take hours, if not days.

    I like the idea of providing tutorials (videos/pdfs) to help people monetize their blogs. I plan to do that as well so thanks Tracey for that suggestion.

    Anyone else? What would make such a membership worth it to you?


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