Advice for Newbies - Don't Buy Crap You Don't Need, Just Read Stuff in Here!

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I've been a member of this forum since last christmas... yeah, I found it on Xmas day of all things, and it's been a hell of a Xmas present! If you don't believe me check my stats, it shows 12/26/2007...hehe

Some of the smartest minds in IM post here regularly and offer information that can't be found anywhere else at any price. It CAN become total information overload, but at least you aren't paying out the wazoo for junk that doesn't work.

I can find FREE WSO's that all you have to do is Opt-in and get Tid-bits that teach you about different approaches to marketing. You can go to the MAKE MONEY ONLINE subforum and get free ebooks. AND god forbid you spend whatever Allen is asking for the WAR ROOM forum right now, because their is pure gold in there!

This one dude, who will remain unnamed because I don't want to promote his thread is over 1000 replies now and I'm only up to the 400'th one, has given you a technique that anyone could make money with! ( I wish you guys would quit replying to that one for just a day or two so I can catch up!)

If it weren't for the social interaction of posting ((it's friday night, I worked 10 hours today sanding ceilings (don't ask, we bought a fixer upper house for half price...) and just wanted to post something cause I'm drinking )) there would be no need for us to post much of anything because a simple search reveals treasures of information!

I'm serious! If there is anything basic and tried and true about IM you can find it in here. If not, one or more of those lists that you signed up for through a free ebook or free WSO will eventually offer you a JV giveaway that will provide you with tons of free information and a chance to promote it as an affiliate for their upsell.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy something that you think you need, I bought the War Room and have never regretted it ( I wish Allen would give us an affiliate for promoting THAT!) and I've bought several other WSO's, some good, some bad. And incidentally, I would buy a WSO way before I would buy from a guru type.

My Point is this....You're here, I hope you've introduced yourself, maybe you've asked a dumb question...(i.e. There are no dumb questions)...

Investigate the vast resources that Allen has made available to us...Hell, go to the old forum and just stumble around...there isn't a search but most anything you come across is an education. Maybe when I have time I'll post my bookmarks from there, I have several.

Just my .02 after a few beers

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    Hi Steve,
    I agree with you about getting free advice. For Newbies its the best way to find out about Internet Marketing. Never go out and buy the first thing you see that looks good. Do lots of research first and I wish I had found this forum earlier. I just joined this forum, but I can see I can learn a lot with out paying a lot. Most of my research has been done for free, buy joining different lists and working on one thing at a time. At first it was information overload, BIG time. But then I settled down and just took it one step at a time. I am now concentrating on building my list for my Computer Repair and Support Newsletter. Its been a great learning experience for me, and I love becoming an Internet Marketeer.

    Good Money Making to All,

    Thomas W. Shay
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    I wish I could list all the Warriors that have helped me over the past year, but I'm lazy ( and I also have my 500th post coming up, maybe around Christmas?), so maybe I'll be smart enough to thank them and reveal something then...

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