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need advise on my blog
I dont have budget that's why i go to blooger.

please need advise and insights on my blog

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      hover.com sells domain names for $15 yr... Other registrars will sell for less...

      Some web hosting companies will sell hosting for a few dollars a year...

      If you buy your domain at this website for $15 yr, you can get free hosting for your domain:
      Web-hosting-service.org -- Compare Hosting Plans
      (I do not have any financial interest in this company)

      Although they offer a Free Hosting Plan, I would recommend the web hosting that is $1.95 per month as the best starter package...

      p.s. Anyone can afford this kind of hosting plan... The simple truth is that you haven't given much thought to what you could give up to get the money... For example, when I started my first domain, I gave up lunch for a month to make it happen...
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    You can start out with blogger until you start making some money for your own domains. However, you will most likely need multiple blogs to get too far.

    How are you getting traffic to your blog? Because I doubt very much you're getting any organic traffic since "best personal computer" only comes up with 170 searches on exact match.

    The content doesn't look bad but I find the white on black very hard on the eyes. You might consider trying a different theme.

    Good luck,
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    When income is down, pepper the site with Adsense. Pay a guy on freelancer $1.50 a article, spin them, and submit them to EzineArticles for traffic. You should be earning if you really do these steps.
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  • Originally Posted by jigsneth View Post

    need advise on my blog
    I dont have budget that's why i go to blooger.

    please need advise and insights on my blog
    Best Personal Computer
    If I already have a good set of target keywords, title and topic ideas, competitor and affiliate market as well as target market data, then I'd establish myself as an expert source of useful info and updated advice relevant to my topics and keywords for my audience. In this case, you're targeting technology-based topics and keywords as well as people interested in computer hardware, software and Web technologies. I believe I could do this better and quicker if I have My Own Web server at home to host my blog. 4 things I need to know: (1) Configuring my router to funnel incoming HTTP and HTTPs requests to my static IP address, even if I have dynamic Internet connection services, via port 8; (2) configuring my computer to use a static IP address even if it is behind a router using dynamic Internet connectivity from my service provider; (3) dyndns.com; and (4) XAMPP along with the modules I need.
    Afterwards, I'd modify a free blog template which best matches my target topics, keywords and audience. I'll use HTML - I particularly like HTML tables and frames because this gives me more control over the layout and "look" of my blog since I'm totally blind and can't see what I'm doing. Then, I'd slap up a video player panel with PHP functionality so I can post videos which I'll upload on YouTube to save local resources, without YouTube branding even. In the main section of my pages, I'll code a custom PHP blog script and other custom PHP scripts which can make my blog look more alive and professional as well as make it more useful for my target audience.
    Then, I'd write an ebook with screenshots for my squeeze page, detailing what steps I took to make my home computer a Web server hosting my blog even if I have a dynamic Internet connection. I'd then write a custom PHP script to manage my squeeze page (newsletter signup page) and downloads of the ebook so I can easily manage my mailing list and newsletters.
    At this point, I'd code a PHP script so I can easily manage my sales pages where I sell my affiliate products and services or my own products and services.
    Once those things have been done, I'll optimize my blog, i.e. optimized robots.txt, meta info, meta keywords, meta descriptions and sitemap.xml. Afterwards, I'll ensure my blog is XML and W3C compliant. Then, I'll talk to my graphics designer friend and ask him or her to design some graphics for me as well as tweak the visual navigability and impact of my blog for my target audience as well as the sections where private, CPC and CPA ads could be placed to provide me with the best CTRs, in exchange for skills I know which could help my friend in his or her projects or even for a couple of drinks.
    Then, I'd implement my online marketing strategies and methods to drive targeted traffic to my blog, squeeze page, sales pages, content pages and PHP content. This involves forum marketing, article marketing, various content marketing and link exposure campaigns among other techniques. I'm not saying this is an end-all-be-all solution. I'm just saying this is what I'd do. Hope this helps.

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    Blogger is not professional.

    Its ok if you need a quick blog for I dont know what...

    But if you want to do it the right way...

    - Buy a domain name - $8

    - Get a cheap shared server - $8 per month from hostgator or some other co.

    - Install wordpress via cpanel "Fantastico" app... its a one click installer.
    Really easy and you'll have a million customizations available.

    Plugins galore on WP


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    I would change your theme. I find the white on black not great to read. Also you should have the free ebook closer to the top of the page.
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    remove the top banner

    google "remove blogger title bar"
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    You blog wont open up for me. It says blog not found.
    But ye, i recommend that you invest $7-10 per month and get yourself hosting account. Then buy .com domain for $7 per year. That's all you need. You have lots of options for SEO etc. $7-10 investment per month isn't a lot.

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    thank you.

    as of now I change my url as advise by Mam Tmg Enterprises
    change also my theme to lighter color,
    I position my free ebook at the top of the page,
    if I remove my blogger title bar, will it affect my seo?

    how can I seo this blog? Is it the same when you have your own domain and wp?
    how can i get traffic? I like traffic from possible buyer to my affiliate products.
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    Originally Posted by jigsneth View Post

    need advise on my blog
    I dont have budget that's why i go to blooger.

    please need advise and insights on my blog
    Information-on-Computers blog

    Remove the '-' and choose a smaller niche. Just "information on computers" sounds too general and boring.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    i suggest get hostmonster, and use a wordpress blog

    hostmonster is great because its 10/month and they give u 1 free domain name.

    and as said above use Ezine to write your articles to get some extra traffic.

    Also TrafficGyser is awesome for traffic as well because it links to every mainstream social media site.

    Good luck!

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    There is/was a domain special at godaddy.com if you input the coupon code 'scrayone' you get 1 year for $1.

    I really agree with other is you are serious about making money you need your own domain and hosting.
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    How do we choose the url name? Is it based on keyword?

    The highest search and with the lowest competition am I right?

    what is the threshold we should choose?

    information on computer only get 22,200 globally monthly search is it enough?

    another question. If I search on google without quote:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 78,300,000 for information on computers. (0.04 seconds)

    but with quote:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 4,020 for "information on computers". (0.05 seconds)

    but in google keyword tool:

    22,200 globally monthly search

    Do you think It is a good url name and keyword aswell?
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    • Jigsneth,

      Hi! Marx here. I believe these are prerequisites of business development and marketing campaign planning as well as online marketing planning and implementation: (1) broad, sub and micro niche selection; (2) broad, sub and micro target viewer group selection; (3) market competitiveness analysis; (4) broad, sub and micro keyword selection for domain names and target keywords; (5) behavioral analysis techniques for improving your statistical data analysis in order to get the most profitable, least risky and least competitive niche, target viewer group and best buyer keyword sets; (7) onsite search engine optimization strategies; (8) hardsell and softsell marketing writing techniques; (9) product development or affiliate product selection fundamentals for optimal profitability (digital or non-digital products); (10) target traffic funneling from other sites and pages to your site and pages via content marketing; (11) link exposure campaigns via backlink building through content marketing; and (12) formulating effective training methodologies and implementing efficient employee management strategies for optimal outsourcing effectiveness and profitability. If you have time, our Grayscale Guide covers everything I mentioned. I hand this out to my employees, Grayscale CMRWs (content marketing researchers/writers) and Grayscale SEO/SEM personnel. Grayscale's the name of my company, BTW. Our Grayscale Guide is still being developed, 'cause my main problem = videos/images since I'm totally blind, so I'd need to assign video and image development tasks to one of our graphics designers and video developers. Hope it helps you clear some things up about each prerequisite I mentioned. I'll update this thread once our Grayscale Guide has been finalized and released as a freely accessible product.

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    go the wordpress route instead of blogger
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