My Christmas letter to Allen Says

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Dear Allen,

Ever since I joined this community I have learnt more than I did with over $5k in products that I had bought before from good, not so good and downright scammy marketers.

The forum has solved countless questions of mine has shown me a ton of value.

Then I joined the War Room.

Oh. My. God.

The best $37 I´ve ever spent in my life, without a hint of a doubt.

I´m looking at the new sponsors feature and part of me is drooling, the other part is saying "hold your horses, you are not quite there yet..."

Do you know what would make me really happy? A social hub.

I know, it´s being done to death everywhere. This community is special though and I´m sure we could take advantage of it like not many communities can do nowadays.

A live interaction section, similar to the skype chat being held on fridays by some members would be awesome. I could even use it to pair myself with someone working on things I´m working. The mere sound of someone else on my wavelength would definitely make me more productive, I´m sure of it.

Heck, you could even monetize it by charging a fee to vendors to give live coaching over your platform!

I know you spoil us over here so I guess this is just a wish form a spoiled child.

Will you at least consider it? please? pretty please with a cherry on top?

Your devoted follower

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