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I am looking at Plimus and ClickBank to process payments for an ebook I am writing. I know that ClickBank seems to be the "standard" for the sale of e-products and affiliates.

ClickBank definately has a very large pool of affiliates just waiting to advertise new e-products. My question is how big is the affiliate pool of Plimus? Do they have a decent amount of affiliates? Plimus seems to be geared more towards software rather than ebooks, however, I have seen people mentioned on here that do use Plimus.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Whenever I see a link in a WSO that leads to Plimus it is deleted on sight. Everything I've ever seen leading to Plimus has been run by a scammer.

    Not sure if others feel the same but that's been my experience..

    This doesn't answer your question but it might give you a hint as to which one you should pick.
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    ^^You should really, really listen to him.^^

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