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Hi guys,

Fortunately I have exactly one week of 'free' time. Some projects are running nicely on automatic pilot and I want to dedicate one full time week on some project/strategy/business (but not more than one week to setup)

What would you do? Can you give some tips on WSOs to take a closer look at, or maybe some other nice IM method you had success with?


ps. I will report some results from it if I get started on something!
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    You can try outsourcing. I remember when i was short of cash and needed something quick in 5 days.

    I found someone in Craigslist, who was looking for website designer and promised to pay good. Deal was $2000 for a simple site. Half first, half when it's done. Get yourself decent designer here in WF, pay him...then hand job over. Big profits. I got almost $1,700 in 4 days. But i got lucky, as i got a deal up in 1 day.

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      That's definitely one idea..

      But I'd rather build something/setup something that will keep running and generates some profit for the longer term.
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    You can set up a niche blog with 1 week. You can get your WSO up in 1 week if you really want. I would focus on promoting my own site with some backlinks + getting extra traffic. Listbuilding.

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