.NET and .ORG are available, .COM is accepting offers for sale...

by ladida
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I'm going to buy both the .net and .org should I worry about the .com?
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    For your own SEO purposes you don't need to worry at all.

    For "potential future traffic loss" to the owner of the .com, you may do.

    Therefore it depends on what you're using it for.
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    no..just go with the one you prefer either .org or .net . Both can rank as well as .com with proper SEO and backlinks..
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    I've ranked with many .net's and .org's and with .co. If the .com is for sale, it's not likely going to be competing in your niche, at least until it's sold and even then, it would have to play catch up if you're promoting your sites at all.
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      Thanks for the advice guys. I think this confirms my earlier thoughts.

      Purchase both .net and .org. Use .net, and keep .org out of commission (is this even necessary?). And don't worry too much about .com.

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    I would only worry about one and seo the crap out of it...

    A great place to get Coupon Inserts

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      Thanks Guys! Done!
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    I say don't worry bout the .com if it is for sale.

    If you are going to buy the .org and .net don't just hold onto the .org to keep someone else from using it. Maybe build a similar but different site (a spun version) on the .org site. This way you can get two chances to be on the first page of google. and hopefully you can get #1 and #2. Or you could use one for a blog and one for the site.

    Good Luck
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