PayPal do it Again!

by Yadira Barbosa 5 replies
Im selling my own eBooks on my websites, and yesterday I receive 2 emails from PayPal, they say they review random payments in order to verify the customer already receive their purchases, so they froze 2 payments for more than $100 from the same customer (he buy 2 of my eBooks) and I need to send to PayPal the tracking number.

So I call PayPal and explain to the customer representative this items was digital delivery, his answer was "well, you customer must to answer to the complaint (of course is not a complaint) and release you the money, if not the money return to them"

Great! Customers really don't care nothing about release a complaint they never introduce!

Dear warrior do you have the same problem? what do you do to fix it?

Because this problem will continue again and again.

I forgot, I use DLGuard to instant delivery

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