What can be done with PLR - Private Label Rights?

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I see a lot of products that are PLR. Is it worth fooling with or is it just a waste of time?

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    Depends on what niche you're in and what you hope to achieve. If you aren't a strong writer or if you're on a time crunch with a site, it can be a lot faster to re-write PLR to create articles and ebooks than to write your own from scratch.

    Two things to be careful of, though:

    1. Bad quality PLR (the kind you find for $1-2) is usually so bad that it can't be re-written into anything meaningful.

    2. Be sure to re-write to 40-60% originality if you're planning to use the content on your own site. You can get away with less if you're just using it to build backlinks.
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    You can private label almost ANYTHING, not just ebooks and software. Few people know this, but my first venture into internet marketing was actually dropshipping private label *hair extensions* from CHINA!
    I simply found my supplier, negotiated the cost so I still had good profit margins after shipping charges, promoted my website online, and managed orders. I made a small fortune too, and have been hooked on internet marketing anything and everything ever since.
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    PLR is just a framework, you need to add your creativity to it, add your affiliate links in it, give it away to your list, fill a membership site with it as easy content. If you think you can make money buying a $5 ebook, then keep it exactly the same and sell it for $27, its not going to work.

    You take the ebook, create some videos, rip the audio from the videos, maybe send to Kunaki and have them all put on a hard copy dvd, etc. You can see there are many things you can do, PLR is just a resource, what you do with it will determine if you wasted your time or not!
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    PLR is a huge time saver. You use it as a base. You may want to edit it a bit.

    If it's a product, you may not want to edit it at all or just a little. But if it was copy or content on your site I'd edit it some.

    Use it wisely, the way it's intended. Use it as it's meant to be, a huge time saver as a base for your unique content or product.
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  • Quality PLR is valuable in two ways:

    - just by its sheer nature of being 'quality' you can actually use the ebook and get your value purely by reading it applying what you're discovered.

    - plus, you can use it as the basis for a unique and individual product of your own.

    A lot of people underestimate the power of PLR because they don't know how to use it. It's not a case of just grabbing as much PLR as you can, putting it up 'as is' and selling it. You need to be more creative than that to be successful.


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    I sell PLR but I also use it for some of my niche website projects. There are SO many ways it can be put to good use.

    Personally, I think PLR should be viewed more as a time saver than a way to get your content done 100%. That's because you'll still need to put in a little time (or money) to rewrite it so it's at least partly unique (as someone said above). This is important if you're posting it on your website. If you post it on article directories some may require that you reword it 100%.

    But there are many other circumstances when you can use PLR:
    - email marketing messages (though I do think it's best to add your personality),
    - create videos from the content,
    - compile into eBooks,
    - create reports to build your list,
    - make podcasts.

    The real key is to make sure you're buying quality PLR that you can use, and then to make sure you actually use it.
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    Like some of the others have said, there are a ton of possibilities for *quality* PLR (not to be confused with some of the junk posing as PLR out there). It can be a great way to save time. Good PLR can help you brainstorm new ideas, help you write an ebook, help you create original content for your site, help you create a podcast or video... the list goes on and on. And, in cases where it's not being published online (like if you're sending it out as a newsletter series), you can use it as-is.

    If you do decide to publish it online (and, thus, need to rewrite it), you need good PLR that is chock full of research. That way, you won't get stuck with a bunch of fluff that you can't do anything with.
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    PLR is a great time saver. Even though I write and sell PLR myself, I still often buy PLR from others to rewrite and add to my own niche sites.

    It's also great to grab a heap of PLR articles and then make a report out of them to build your list, this is such a time saver over writing a report from scratch yourself.

    There is just so much you can do with PLR and there are a lot of people that use PLR as a big part of their business.
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    I think PLR is a great timesaver, not so much the articles, mainly ebooks, videos etc. They get you off to a good start in a niche if you are stuck for time.

    The articles can be of mixed quality but like the poster above says, they provide a great starting point for writing a report.
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      PLR material is a goldmine. However, you need to make sure that it's quality PLR. Information that is relevant, written with good English and free of grammar mistakes.

      I normally advise my students to purchase PLR material that is only relevant to their online business and then change the title, add a few sentences here and there and then submit it to document sharing websites.

      This is an easy way to send a herd of traffic to your website and build back links.

      PLR material can save you a lot of time. But make sure it's quality stuff.
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    To answer the question posed in the title of the post, PLR should come with a Statement of Rights, and that statement should specifiy what you can and cannot do with the material. This is one reason that it is important to get your PLR from the originator, so you can be sure the rights granted are genuine.

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    PLR can be used for many things as a quick way to get some good content but nothing will beat unique quality content.

    Happy to Learn. Happier to Help!

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    PLR is like Play-Doh. You've got a good base, now you need to form it into what you want. You can add other Play-Doh in different colors to it, then it won't look like what anyone else makes with their Play-Doh.

    If you'd like... how about giving us your niche and a PLR product or PLR articles topic and we could brainstorm for you and be more specific.

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      Originally Posted by Peggy Baron View Post

      PLR is like Play-Doh. You've got a good base, now you need to form it into what you want. You can add other Play-Doh in different colors to it, then it won't look like what anyone else makes with their Play-Doh.

      If you'd like... how about giving us your niche and a PLR product or PLR articles topic and we could brainstorm for you and be more specific.

      Nicely put - I like that!
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    Hi Shawn,
    One of the ways that I have been using the PLR articles that I purchase is not only rewriting it but re purposing it.
    By re purposing I mean that I change the article into a video. I either use Camtasia and create a power point presentation with my own voice or I use Sony Vegas and make a slide show with background music.
    Re purposing articles into videos is a lot more fun than rewriting.
    Hope this helps.

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    I think it depends where you buy your PLR from too, I've only ever bought it from Tiffany Dow and the quality is fantastic, whilst I wouldn't put it on my site directly as is, I sometimes use it in my niche autoresponders.

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    It is never a waste of time when you are using PLRs. I have a resource full of PLRs and usually, I use to build content around it.

    I do make money from rewriting articles, getting voice overs so I could create videos and it really cut short the time to do all that. Since you need content, why not get it from people who have done 97% of the work for you?
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    PLR typically allows you to repurpose the content by rewriting and rebranding the material (which could be articles, ebooks, or even video) and selling it as your own product. You'll have to check the specific PLR terms that come with each product that you purchase, though.

    PLR can be very useful for many purposes (many of which have been mentioned above) if you buy something that is of high quality, and this really shouldn't be too hard to find if your niche is a popular one.
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    Here are some ideas:

    Create a physical book, home study courses, publish on CD or DVD, create derivative products like audio, videos, ebooks, reports etc and sale, offer as a bonus or give them away etc...
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    PLR products is probably the most valuable source material that you can get because you have the rights to edit it any way you like and you can claim authorship. That and the fact that you can also use the website and sales page you get sometimes makes it really easy to profit with your own product. It is of course recommended that you change it a bit to make it your own. Change of name and graphics would be essential.

    Hope that makes it a bit clearer.
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