Need Help Automating Ebay CD Delivery

by BJ Min 8 replies

It has been taking me a lot of time making cd's and shipping it due to ebay's recent digital delivery policy change.

I need some advice automating the cd creation & delivery.

I was thinking of Is that the easiest and best way to do automation for some small CD sending (only about 15-20 per month)?

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      Kunaki does a good job but given that it is ebay, customers are not really surprised when they receive something a bit hombrewed.

      I routinely receive cds from ebay where the label is just a sticky paper label and it is shipped in a paper cd sleeve.
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        I've been waffling with the idea of using Kunaki - or some other automation process as well, but I'm not sure about the cost. I have a mass duplicator, and buy CDs in bulk. Right now I can make a CD and with label and packaging it costs me about $.65 cents before postage.

        I'll be losing some profit by outsourcing the process - but as they say "time is money". And it can take time to process the CDs and ship them out.

        I'm also interested to know if any one uses a service other than Kunaki?
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          by the way,

          when you send out your CD (to ebay customers), how do you make them be on your list (without you manually typing their email address)?

          Is there a way? I use DLGuard so i don't know how to automatically add them to my list...does anyone know how to do this?

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            If your making your own CD's and DVD's like I do you should look into a duplicator to speed up your process and get a couple of printers.

            You could also have your duplicators and printers remotely located where a part time employee,relative,etc. can do the work for you.

            Frank Bruno
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            I use DLGuard as well - I don't have a way to automatically add them, but I do put an opt in form on the Download page, with words like "for free updates, please fill out the form below" or something to that effect.

            I've also seen people with DLguard just add the opt in form to the DLGuard download page - with words like "to receive your download link - please fill out the form below" - then they have the form forward to the download link page - or they include the download link in their follow up message. - I hope that made sense.

            Anyways - I think I also read about a patch that would do it on the DLGuard forums. You may have to check that out.
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