On Page One Of Google For 1,900 searches a month - Should I have aimed higher?

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Hey Warriors,
I'm on page One Of google for a keyword that gets 1,900 searches a month.

That only brings me about 2 sales every few months. I know I should look for keywords that have higher search volumes but what number in your opinion is to high and what is to low?

Also this is with Video marketing. I see sometime google does not have videos pop up with there search results. Do you know what determines if a video will pop up on the search results?

Thanks for your insight,

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    1,900 is a little low in my opinion. I tend to go between 6 to 12k global searches.

    What you mean by video marketing? You have a site that contains videos? Youtube videos are usually popping up on the first few hits of Google so you could try uploading to YT.


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    Yup Youtube is my main place I put all my videos. Though some terms pop up for videos on Youtube and some don't. I don't understand this?
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    1900 monthly searches is low. Good amount is around 10,000 that would bring more sales
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      Are those monthly searches for broad or exact. First off I keep seeing others saying that number is too low. However if you take into effect that it was done on an exact search term. Then that number would be just about right. For it should be a simple task to get to the front page of google. That is depending upon how much competiton there is for that term.

      Now if when you where doing your keyword research the search numbers where for the exact search then you are correct on you pick for a keyword. However if this search volume is for a broad search then you did go excessively low.

      I normally run both sets of searches just to see the potetial on both sets. This way I know I will always get on the front page for the exact in very little. Although it will take a little more work to get up there for the broad term. I will still get up there in a few weeks but it takes alot more time to do with the broad term then it does for the exact term.

      So always check both broad and exact. The exact should be any where over 1000 and broad should be above 5000. The higher the better but if you can find a low competition term for some thing that gets 100000 searches every month on broad you should still be able to get to the front page for that term. It really depends on the competition though.

      When gauging the comp it is best to keep it below 100k in quotes and 10k with allintitle: this would be optimal for a fast front page listing for the exact. Once again though it will take some time to get to that front page for the broad term. Hope this helps best of luck to you
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    as far as a video popping up for your term. This depends upon if you seo your title and description for that term. I will give an example below for the term "instant debt relief". Now I do not know if this term is even searched or how competitive it is. However if you make sure of a few things with the title and description it is much like getting your page ranked on the front page of google.

    Title:Instant Debt Relief
    Description: Instant debt relief can save you hundreds from debt collectors. Instant debt relief should be a hassle. For more info visit yoururl

    Again i just threw this together really fast and have no idea at all about that term but this is how I do most of my videos and it works really well. I also tend to add the url as the very first part to the description to help protect the thief's who will leave off the last part of the description. It is not vital but it will help to build a large number of links fast.
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    Here's something I posted in another thread that basically summarizes my position on the "search volume" debate:

    Every situation is completely different. I've been doing this for way too long to have a "pat" number of searches that are my minimum threshold. It all depends on how much revenue I generate per click through/action.

    If a conversion a particular offer ultimately generates $290 in revenue and 1-in-50 clicks converts, is ranking #1 for 500 actual searches per month enough? Conversely, if a conversion on another offer generates $32 in revenue and 1-in-300 actually converts, is even 15,000 actual searches enough? Theoretically, the former pays a lot more money than the latter, despite the search volume numbers.

    Don't look for a "magic number". Instead, work on ALL the numbers.
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      I did that too. I wrote it off as a learning experience.

      Actually, I think it was a nice confidence boost watching it hit the front page in three days.
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    Is there something naturally related to your niche that you could work on ranking for? Pick up some long tail keywords without buying another domain maybe? Like the site in the last poster's signature about "battery trickle chargers," you could work on getting that site ranked for "auto battery charger," "solar trickle charger," etc..

    If you just want more sales but don't want to invest in a whole new niche, you could also flesh out the site by adding other items your target market is interested in. Examples with the same site as above would be travel auto/bike/boat repair kits, jumper cables, tarps and weatherization products, etc..

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    being on the first search page is less important than being on the top of the search list. Because if a keyword gets 1500 searchers a month and your site is on the bottom of the first page, so you will get only 2-3 persent of the visitors who search for these term. The first position in the search gives you about 40% of the traffic who search for this keyword. the difference between the search results position is huge. You need to aim higher.
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    You should aim higher while searches are concerned. The more searches the better conversion will be.
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    SGDarling is spot on.

    Many people aim for these high daily searches but regardless of whether they can get on the front page or not, they simply can't get to the number 1 spot. The number 1 spot on a low searched keyword is worth a lot more in raw traffic numbers than even a #3 or #4 (let alone a #7 or #8) of a higher searched term.

    Using the numbers that SGDarling quoted, your keyword of 1900 [exact]/day ranked at #1 is about the equivalent in traffic of a keyword that gets searched 15,000+ [exact]/day but only ranked #6 - #10 on the front page.

    As was also mentioned earlier, you are better off finding the keywords that will convert but have low competition. Luckily most of these buying keywords are long tails with the weak competition.
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    1,900 is nothing you should try higher volume of searches. i always look for 20,000 + for a long tail keywords. even if it little bit hard it worth it at the end of the day. if now you make 2 sales than with 20,000 visitors you will make 20 sales!
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