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I am trying to get into the ebay affiliate program but I keep on getting rejected. They don't give me a specific reason.

what do you suggest I do ?

I have a network of great sites which already are mashed well with amazon and other cj affiliates.

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    Same thing happened to me. I did notice they were buying adwords that matched my domain name.

    I also wondered if it had anything to do with how they are changing their affiliate payout structure (which kind of scares me away from them, how are you going to know if they are being honest?).
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    Contact them and appeal their decision. I use to sell Ebay affiliate websites and many of my customers got rejected by Ebay affiliate, which made it difficult when they had just purchased an Ebay affiliate based website

    So I told them to contact Ebay Partner Network and appeal the decision and explain to them that you are a genuine affiliate. 90% of the time they were then accepted.

    So give an appeal a go, you never know your luck!
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    i guess we have to do what Sheryl has suggested there is no other option.

    I wish they would be more clear on their reason of rejection so that we can improve on the said.

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      I had a site built put up for me by someone else who was successful in getting sites accepted for EPN.
      He said there was no guarantee, but it did get my EPN. The site was theme/topic specific, not advertising on it, an was accepted on the first try.

      You maybe able to request someone to do that for you. The person who did this for me is not doing it anymore.

      Maybe you could build another site and try again?
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