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by N4PGW
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I need to raise money so I am planning a WSO for setting up WP Blogs.

I am pretty good at setting up security conscience WP blogs with various plugins and a few themes. I am interested in selling my service to others, but I am unsure about what to offer and what to charge.

I don't want to charge a high rate because a few people would want themes and plugins I don't normally work with. At the same time, I don't want to price it so firmly I can't have room for someone to pick out a few plugins and a theme.

So my thought is to include a fairly large group of plugins and a few templates I like to use, but allow the price to include my adding a couple of plugins and themes for each customer. To discount the price a little for duplicate sites that are exact copies.

What kind of service would you need and what kind of prices would you pay?

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    I am reserving this space for additional information, questions, etc.

    Look for changes here.

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    I think there always is a market for such services. You can see them offered in sig lines, in the warriors for hire section etc.

    The main thing is how you position yourself among the other providers: what is specific about your service that makes you stand out. Like installing WP3 and setting it up to be ready for creating multiple sites/blogs...

    I wouldn't go with a "fairly large group of plugins"... because most people do NOT need zillion plugins. There is no "must-have" plugin (except the antispam). Instead, offer a fixed number of plugins installed of their choice, i.e. 5 or 7 plugins they need for their specific blog.

    Do you have a hosting reseller account? You could offer hosting, too.

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    Try switching it up...

    How about: "Name your price!"

    Some might think its fair to pay 200, some may think 20.

    So if you put a fixed price , you may sell yourself short!

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    I agree with NerdGary - (love your avatar by the way). Name your price would be a good thing to test out.

    Beginners who are struggling to get started and have limited funds would be in your debt, maybe on your email list as well when you launch your WSO?

    Advanced marketers would probably pay more. I would not go with plugin overload as Istvan noted. Just the basics, antispam, xml site-map and all in one SEO.

    You could offer upgrades for more plugins if you wanted.

    Maybe make a short list of the plugins and what they each do, so your client learns something & understands what each one does.

    Hmm... a plugins WSO--- might work!

    Good luck! ~Mark
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      It is all about positioning, and positioning yourself apart from everyone else.

      There is a need for that type of product. I know, because I have a product called Blog with Success and it has sold over 10,000 copies in the last three years.

      So, there's definitely a need for it.

      Talk soon,

      Shannon Herod
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    I want to say thank you to each one of you. You all have some very good advise. I will definitely take most of you up on your suggestions.

    I had to rush this morning, was called into my JOB! In the morning, I hope to get back to this and share what I come up with.

    Thank you all, again

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